For Kids (or adults who love stories and animation)

By sprdrk77
Written August 19, 2012
I loved this movie, and was entranced by the style of animation. It wasn't the dreamworks standard animation, and it wasn't wallace and grommit claymation, it appeared as though all the little action figures you played with as a kid came to life. It was better than anything Tim Burton has done in animation since creating Jack Skellington. Very cute and made primarily for kids (although there are some very random adult jokes they hopefully don't catch on to) and has a very Disney-esque storyline.
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By boolabearsays
Written February 27, 2015
i took two 11 yr old girls and they said it was ok too long . i asked if it would be something they would like to own NO . i thought the 3D was pretty cool but as the kids say i am old skool
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By MSKinSantaFe
Written September 03, 2012
I honestly didn't have high expectations, because I don't typically like scary movies. So, this was an awesome surprise! Loved it! It's much more than a ghost story. Good messages for all ages... tolerance, inclusion, and loyalty. A Must Go!
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By DeuceDawg287
Written January 31, 2015
Went to see this with my 10 yr old and at the end we were both like..."that was weird", in a there were moments when it was borderline ok, but definitely more of it being was just weird! To be fair, the animation wasn't bad and there were some funny moments, but everything else was just weird! Also, some of the script was pretty suggestive in a "this is borderline inappropriate dialogue for kids" kind of way. Lots inappropriate innuendo from the teenage sister with an alternative lifestyle twist at the end that left me wondering…WHY?, when this is supposed to be a movie for kids? My daughter didn't like it and thank goodness I was tired enough to fall asleep, otherwise I think we would have just left and considered the $28 bucks a donation.
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By burlshirt
Written August 20, 2012
So NOT worrth the $$. This is supposed to be a kids movie, TERRIBLE. They have thrown in homosexuality, curse words! What is this world coming to??? Can't we just have good, clean, family movies???? Very Disappointed!
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