By lorirushford
Written September 03, 2014
Enchanting, wonderful effects, lovely charicter. First movie my son,7 yrs old, did not need to get up to use the bathroom at any time in the movie. From portand Oregon cinnematography too. Need I say more!!
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BEAUTIFULLY MADE...a combination of nostalgia and the 21st century techniques!

By visual art major nerd
Written August 19, 2012
Not only that I have a soft spot for a kid like Norman who doesn't "belong' to the "norm" in what it's perceived to be a standard of society, but the nostalgic feeling which this movie brings you is something to be commended. The background scenes, the colors are vividly so real, not overly done, each characters and some props are delicately handmade (you can see how Norman was made during the critic and other trailers...i.e.: Apple, "featurette - Little Light")...simply AMAZING pieces of art work! One of my favorite scenes was towards the end when Norman's 1-on-1 interaction with "a girl" (I can't go into much detail...), surrounded by beautiful trees...; the color, the way it was shot, the real meaning of this story...coming all together was something extra-ordinary! Zombies may scare younger kids, but these are no more than the ghosts appearing in everyday cartoons. The message this movie carries is well-worth to allow a kid to finish watching while they crutch onto you!
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Not My Favorite

By Wellsfamily4life
Written August 18, 2012
My wife and I took our children to see this movie in 3D. While the 3D effects were kind of neat, the plot wasn't that great in my opinion. I do not believe we will be buying this on dvd when it is released.
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Huge Disappointment

By elilbitz
Written August 31, 2014
Good for young school aged kids only. We all expected better than what was delivered. First off, don't bother seeing this in 3D. That was an absolute waste of money. The movie itself had some good points and the message was positive, but it was obvious they were trying to hard to get laughs. The only people who were very amused were the 2 little school aged girls in the row behind us. Otherwise there were a few heh hehs and maybe one good laugh by everyone else in the theater. It was at times painful to sit through the attempts at humor.It was also often predictable. The claymation characters were also diffuclt to get used to. I found myself observing the art and features of them more than one should. It was distracting. It's also obvious the producers were going for silly entertainment, but it failed there. The parts where there was supposed to be dramtic suspense failed too. 4-6 year olds might have been in suspense, but no one else would be.
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A very entertaining movie

By Brokenmoon
Written August 19, 2012
This movie is a very entertaining movie, and has is full of laughter. It is a fun movie, that has many references to other movies in the horror/mystery genre. There is a good point that is made, in that just because someone is different, you do not need to be afraid of them. It is a good lesson about accepting people for who they are. Fun for the whole family, though I think that kids aged 10 and above will enjoy it better than younger kids.
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