• Released
  • September 25, 2009
  • (special screenings on Thurs., 10/21, prior to midnight screenings of 'Paranormal Activity 2')
  • R , 1 hr 26 min
  • Horror

They should have named this movie "Fecal matter for those with fecal matter as a brain"

By seeyellow
Written October 18, 2009
I went to see this movie because of the review I read: Someone saw this movie and it caused them sleepless nights. How did that happen? It had to of been sleepless nights over what a waste of money, total waste of time, or for what a big disappointment this movie was. Seriously, nothing happened in this movie. It was an hour and thirtynine minutes of people sleeping in their bed and talking about video recording. What was scary? people in the theater were screaming about a door being opened? Does this mean they scream throughout their day since the world is filled with doors, doors that open, doors that close. Did they get scared because of a little shadow? seriously, wtf??? This movie really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid, STUPID stupid!!!!!!!!!! I had to create this fandango account JUST to tell people what a piece of crap this movie is!!!!
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Paranormal Actitvy

By sw3603
Written November 02, 2009
It was ridiculous and I laughed through most of it.
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Sleepless in Texas

By rileysgigi
Written October 15, 2009
I haven't been this frightened at a movie since the Exorcist in the 7th grade. I had a hard time sleeping for two nights. I am a died hard fan of scary movies and I was not disappointed. When the movie ended the theater was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I think we were all in shock.
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dont listen to the bad reviews

By jenn998
Written November 06, 2009
Ok this isnt the 'scariest movie ever' but it is not jsut a 'bump in the night movie' that was boring. This was a very scary movie--the theme, the concept, the situation etc....what this movie was about was very scary, the way it was filmed, the events that occurred. yes it could have been scarier...but then it would've been too scary I think. The events leading up to the ending were the scariest parts, but the movie itself was not just boring and meaningless or about two people hanging out. It was a storyline and situation that built up to a serious climax and ending. It was well done and will leave people thinking once they leave. It was not a crazy zombie movie with things popping up everywhere or one endless thrill or jolt after another. It was a story based on a situation with events occurring that frighteningly built up to a scary ending. would tell people to check it out and not listen to the bad reviews
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By agggggggg
Written October 15, 2009
ive never been so spooked in my lyfeeeeeee... it was sooo spooky i was spooked untill i got home, and im still spooked out! sooo spooy im trying to sleep now, its 4:15am. and im soo spooked that i cant sleep because of the spooky movie... i got spooky chills running my spooky spine... i think the only way for me calm my spookyness is to eat this spooky cheeseburger from mcdonalds, but im afraid to leave because theyre are spooky ghosts in my spooky house doing spooky paranomal activities! if there was a spooky rating scale of this spooky movie on a 1-10 spooky scale. id rate the spookyness an 11 just because it is sooo suppperrr spookky!!!! this is a def. must see . it is so spooktastically spooky!
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