• Released
  • September 25, 2009
  • (special screenings on Thurs., 10/21, prior to midnight screenings of 'Paranormal Activity 2')
  • R , 1 hr 26 min
  • Horror

Paranormal Activity - MAJOR HYPE - HYPE - HYPE. Grade: D - for DUMB. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written October 10, 2009
Thurs. Sept. 24. This 1hr 39min FICTITIOUS tale dragged on way too long - wallowed in its vapidness to the point of tedious boredom/stupidity. The two main characters are not likable because she whines too much and he makes absolutely nonsensical irrational decisions. You won't feel empathy for them - and you could care less whatever happens to them. The premise sounded promising but the story never took flight because the movie/plot could not decide if it wanted to focus on the haunting or the couple's actions/(in)decisions. This senseless movie suffered from a serious case of incoherence. There are other 'haunted' movies that were better executed. VERDICT: No HERD-mentality for me - I WAS NOT brainwashed and DID NOT buy into the film-makers' propaganda/HYPE. I'm glad I didn't waste my money on this wanna-be-real-horror amateur garbage FIASCO. If your dwelling is haunted, get thee pronto to a priest! Don't stay for 3 weeks and experiment every which way! DUH!
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Five Word Review

By coke209
Written October 02, 2009
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Stays with you after it ends

By Brannigan Carter
Written October 23, 2009
This movie, of all the horror movies I've watched over the years, haunted me most. I got home, got into bed, and stared out into the dark, listening for sounds and even breaths that weren't mine. I looked for shadows on the wall. I listened for footsteps. Paranormal Activity is without a doubt the most realistic and intense experience I have EVER seen in a theater. I'm a Film major, I know good movies. Don't go into this movie expecting some gore-fest or flashy demons. You won't see anything except a door moving or hear ghostly presence. The sheer suspense of these things alone are what make this movie great. It all happens only feet from our actors, which could even be you at home asleep in bed, having a demon walking around you.....staring at you....breathing on you....hating you....
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Don't listen to the OH NO and NO reviews.

By jcrouch702
Written October 26, 2015
I mean honestly, it's 3:20 pm Vegas time on 10/9...and there are currently 260 reveiws...only 20 of which are negative. I am assuming these people must live and breath horror in order to not get freaked out by this movie. I am normalyy unimpressed by thrillers, but this one is by far the scariest I have ever seen. I like the fact that it is not gorey. Just the idea of something paranormal in your house...its CREEPY! The humor in the beginning makes you feel comfortable with the characters. They are a couple that have only been together 3 years. They are in love and cute. It makes you relate with them, which makes it even freakier to think it could happen to you. I highly recommend going to see this. Try to catch it when there are quite a few people in the theatre. You can really feed off other audience member's emotions, and it helps with the excitement!
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The Dark, noises and even your bed will no longer be the same after watching this film... think about it twice.

By Inked_In_SF
Written October 26, 2015
When I saw the ad on TV advertising it as the SCARIEST film ever, and this statement being supported by Fan reviews on Fandango, I said to myself "This, I gotta check out". The following day I went in to see the film. I will tell you this: During the film, there were times when i did jump and I was on the edge of my seat; however, when I left I felt like I had not seen anything new. I was a bit disappointed. Until later. This is the sort of film that will get you thinking. It will touch a part of your mind and will trigger a fear you've never experience before. That night, I barely slept. The horror of this film did not touch me until the lights were off and I was under the sheets. Once you watch the film, you will understand about the "sheets". Every five minute, I woke up to browse the dark corners of my room, wondering if he was there, watching me. Noise, was no longer JUST noise, it was him.
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