Pretty Good - Not the Best PA, Though...

By sarahbellwilson
Written January 06, 2014
Every other Paranormal Activity we've seen on opening night, with a packed theater. This one we went on a Sunday evening, a few days after the release. That atmosphere was different - I prefer large crowds for horror films. The movie itself was a bit lacking in the fright department. I still enjoyed the plot, and the characters. (Lupita, from Weeds is one of the main character's grandmother!) But it took too long to build up to the scares, and even when we got there they weren't all that scary. I can't discuss the ending without spoilers, but I do enjoy never really knowing where in the PA timeline a story is taking place until they suddenly reference a past movie. I recommend going to see it, maybe during a matinee. And I'm hoping this was just buildup to a better...sequel? Or #6? I'm not sure how to label these movies anymore.
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Best of all of the paranormal activities

By mfy1
Written January 05, 2014
It was more of a realistic movie than the others. This one actually had a meaning and was not just random ghost and demon activity. The story line was pretty good and it was a bit funny too. Not the kind of funny like the movie was so stupid it was funny, the kids filming made many funny jokes. I usually wait till redbox or netflix comes out with these types of movies but it was worth watching in the theater.
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Not a must see movie

By txmvies
Written January 05, 2014
The movie is entertaining and interesting. It's not as scary as the other ones. I'd say go see it if you've already seen all the other Paranormal Activity movies, and a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon with a few laughs and a few scares. And Mavram STFU with your low IQ comment.
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its ok

By mattieboy91385
Written February 13, 2014
i was so confused at the end. i didnt get the time frame or why people were showing up at different places. to many unanswered questions.
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The Marked Ones, Trashiest high-school film of the year.

By lucasreedus
Written January 13, 2014
Do not waste your money on this, half of the movie is in Spanish, which is a major setback for anyone not bilingual, it was hardly scary, it was unrealistic, and just flat out trash, I'm honest to God glad I saw this with credit from a gift card, I would NOT pay to see this trash.
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