Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

By lotsalou11
Written January 06, 2014
It's a shame, I really couldn't get into the movie because the camera movement was over the top. I had to walk out 30-40 minutes into the movie because i got sick. There were no still movement like the other two previous Paranormal movies so i had no time to get over my sea sickness. tks
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By brianstauffer23
Written January 03, 2014
great movie was scary intense and thrilling was also confusing have to wait again for another sequal I thought the earlier ones were scarier but still was good looking forward to see whats next
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the mark one

By althea741
Written January 17, 2014
It was worst movie I ever seen boring. it made you dizzy don't waste you money or your time I don't know how they could even call it a movie sucksssssss
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Paranormal...thats how i felt after seeing this

By Jdidinsky91
Written January 09, 2014
So before i begin let me say i have seen every single one of the paranormal activity films and will still defend them to this day. However this one was an epic failure. With no links to the other films and no real storyline it was just a mess. Halfway through the movie i walked out to get popcorn and a soda it was so bad and hard to follow. From the very beginning it lacked storyline and as the film went on it became even harder to follow. The reason i will give it a So-So rating is because it had a few good scary moments but they had nothing to do with the story. Couple the lack of a good story with a very short film and you get paranormal activity the marked ones. I must say i was quite disappointed because i was really looking forward to it. If you have seen the other films than you may want to go just to see it but really your better off waiting to watch this one at home.
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Paranormal act: I liked it

By rayder07
Written January 15, 2014
So far, ive enjoyed all 5 of these movies. I'm not a professional film critic but i do enjoy a good scare...I'll see this movie again, when it comes on Dvd....overall 4 out of 5....
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