The best PA yet!

By frankie293
Written January 03, 2014
This movie was the most fun PA yet! Funny and scary in just the right amounts. The actors were really great and the film was paced well. I will warn anyone who gets easily motion sick, the film is shot to look like a handheld, and while it is not nearly as bad as Blaire Witch, it does have that effect. Overall, a great date movie!
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Just like the others...

By bharris401
Written January 03, 2014
I've loved the Paranormal Activity movies in the series so far but now it just feels like filler for the final movie. This movie fills in a few little answers but still leaves you feeling "huh?" It didn't seem to have as many scares as the past movies and since it's shot from the point of view of a handheld camera almost the entire time it almost leaves you feeling sea sick like Cloverfield. Over it is worth watching... when it comes on Netflix.
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By far the worst of the three Paranomal movies

By rrr3521
Written January 08, 2014
It is as if this was a whole different movie all together and then towards the end they poorly connected to stories to the other prior Paranormal movies. What a disaster. What a waste of both time and money. They surely did a great job on marketing this movie. If you have seen the trailer, that's pretty much all the scary moments you will see.
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Horrible movie - was that a movie???

By crchookang
Written January 04, 2014
Don't waste your money... This movie was horrible. Garbage. Rubbish. It's what you would expect from a high school project, not a movie that you pay to see.
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In for a penny...

By drbooth
Written January 12, 2014
Too bad it cost more than a penny to go see this movie. If you've seen all the other PA's then you're already too far in not to see this one BUT... This one was definitely the least scary one. It actually was boring at times. The "boo!" technique where the camera turns around and someone's face would pop into view boo! was completely abused. Over and over and over and ... If you've never seen any of the PA's or only one of them, save your money and wait for post theater release.
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