Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014) Synopsis
A Latino teen (Andrew Jacobs) is possessed by supernatural forces after he steals an occult journal.
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Paranormal Disaster!

By mavram
Don't waste your money. Paranormal activity needs to hang its hat before it becomes a farce. This movie was in the top 5 for most foolish movies I have seen in the last 10 years!!!! IQ's need to be...

Marked to take your MONEY! That the joke is on everyone!

By Ben Affleck
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones!! Oh boy, this is going to be really scary, and with a scary awesome plot too, right? WRONG! This film is edited very well for a trailer, but when you actually...

It wasnt terrible..

By conwilson2949
It was actually funny and suspensful at the same time. If you love the other Paranormal Activities, I would recommend you to see it. The ending is CRAZY....

Paranormal Activity

By spudsL201
I wish there were a lower rating I could give this movie. What a piece of trash. I felt duped by the commercials showing people screaming and jumping in their seats. They must have been watching a...

Paranormal Activity The Marked Ones

By barbarahutchison14
it was okay somewhat scary but not really like it will be and left you hanging in the end so you dont what happen that was the only thing that suck...

Not a blockbuster. but...

By djoliver
If you have invested in seeing the other Paranormal movies, this is the best of the series. The characters are funny and somewhat likable. As you would expect, it really leaves nothing to the...

The Marked Ones

By ldipert
I have seen the rest of the paranormal activity movies, and didn't care for any of them. When i saw the previews for this movie, I wondered if it would be any better. The movie was more comical then...


By gcastil1
This movie may be set as a comedy more so than a horror movie. I was startled once or twice but not scared at all. I may have liked the movie if all the people in the movie theatre would actually let...


By berapathan
Seen every other Paranormal movie. Become a tradition to see it at midnight on opening night. This is one tradition that will die with this last Paranormal. This movie was so far from scary. It was...

If you have seen all the Paranormal Activities its a must see!

By laceymarieea
This movie was written well especially for a typical "scary" movie. If you have seen all the Paranormal Activities then this is a must see, otherwise you might be confused on most parts in...

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Rated R | For Pervasive Language, Graphic Nudity, Some Drug Use and Some Violence
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Common Sense Media says Plenty of violence in fifth installment of horror series.
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