Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Synopsis
The discovery of a mysterious camcorder leads to supernatural terror in a couple's new home.
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Is this finally over?

By khia213
Three people just walked out. It's that bad....

Kind of sad :-(

By dragonmak36915
To start with, I've enjoyed most of the Paranormal Activity movies and have found a couple of them uniquely scary (particularly the second one) and I enjoyed The Marked Ones as a story, even if I...

Decent story, but not the scare factor I was hoping for.

By rubette73
Full disclosure: I'm not really a fan of the Paranormal Activity series. I went to see this movie with my husband who loves horror movies. That being said, this movie was pretty boring. There were...


By Mickens2004
See this movie. I was terrified from start to finish....

Great novie

By manny052912
It was a good scary minute and I screamed a few times but now I'm curious to know if there will be another one because I want to know who the "Toby" character is and hire does he look like....

An amazing wrap up, to an end of a brilliant series! SEE IT IN 3-D!! The Fans WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!

By smithf2011
I feel this was certainly up there with the better ones such as 2,3 and the marked ones!!! An amazing wrap up to an end of an original sub-genre/cultural/puzzle modern series! I don't get scared...

By Kaylee1819
so so. Not impressed...

By LeoTheCollector
It was alright, less scarier than past films....

refund on Paranormal Activity

By Brandonm1864
I my names Brandon and I had purchased a movie in the theater a few days ago but wasn't able to make it on time and was wondering if I can get refund or credit.. I would really appreciate it......

paranormal activity

By desireehayes

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Rated R | For Some Horror Violence and Language
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Common Sense Media says Final (hopefully!) entry in sputtered-out spook series.
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