Is this finally over?

By khia213
Written November 06, 2015
Three people just walked out. It's that bad.
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Kind of sad :-(

By dragonmak36915
Written October 29, 2015
To start with, I've enjoyed most of the Paranormal Activity movies and have found a couple of them uniquely scary (particularly the second one) and I enjoyed The Marked Ones as a story, even if I didn't really find it all that scary and was really looking forward to this film. So I go to the sneak preview on Thursday and get a good seat and all the theater had was the non 3D version, so that's what this review is based on. The story starts off descent enough, but then quickly goes downhill as the parents reaction to what's going on with their little girl just seemed so unrealistic and it had so many cheap "jump scares" that it took away from what was actually going on. Throw in time-loops and some doofy special affects and bad storytelling - I find it hard to recommend this movie. It's sad cause I find its the new low in this franchise that I have previously enjoyed so much - even being worse than Part 3 - May this franchise R.I.P.
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Decent story, but not the scare factor I was hoping for.

By rubette73
Written October 29, 2015
Full disclosure: I'm not really a fan of the Paranormal Activity series. I went to see this movie with my husband who loves horror movies. That being said, this movie was pretty boring. There were only a couple of instances where I was startled, but for the most part, I nearly fell asleep. I'm not a huge fan of horror, but if I'm going to see a scary movie, I want to scream and hide my face. This movie gave me none of that. The only redeeming factor was the story line. It was good, but it was also a bit predictable. I mean, how many times are little girls going to be possessed by a paranormal entity? If you're going to see this movie, don't spend good money on it. Wait for it to come out in Redbox or cable.
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By Mickens2004
Written October 27, 2015
See this movie. I was terrified from start to finish.
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Great novie

By manny052912
Written November 05, 2015
It was a good scary minute and I screamed a few times but now I'm curious to know if there will be another one because I want to know who the "Toby" character is and hire does he look like.
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