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By XD123
Written October 29, 2012
Im 14, and i saw this movie last week with my friends, who are also 14. We are all freshman, and this movie was all everybody was talking about so we saw it. The first half hour is boring, but then **** starts getting creepy. It gets really intense, and in like the last 10 minutes, me and my friends were like about to piss on ourselves. This movie was the best entry in the series, and i think you should go see it!
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The final 10 minutes are utterly nerve shredding...

By bcjmunroe
Written November 05, 2012
And they are the only 10 minutes of the movie I enjoyed. There is a way that someone could take all 4 of these movies and edit them together to make a really good movie. What they have done now is rely on the fact that I am studying the screen for the creepy thing they want me to see only to make something jump out and try to scare me...well I am not a 8 year old child so that doesn't work. I know they will make another one because the story is not finished and we all need to know what this clan of witches or demons or whatever is trying to bring forth. I for one will not be tricked into watching it at the theater again I will watch the rest on DVD...thanks anyway.
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paranormal Activity 4

By ashley1992
Written October 24, 2012
this moviw was no good ! i didn't understand the purpose of it, i thought it was done on part 3...... but i will not recomand this movie to no one
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Check it out!

By criticizer_43857623
Written October 19, 2012
If you are a fan of scary movies then this is a must see. Had my predispositions about it but turned out to be really good. Definitely the best out of the four of them. And don't forget to stay for after the credits because there is some footage they display after all the credits role.
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By punch22
Written October 25, 2012
I really like the first paranormal activity movie but it just seems like these movies get worse and worse. The acting is kinda bad, i thought it was really slow, nothing really happens till the end of the movie, not scary at all. I did not like this movie what so ever.
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