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Over hyped

By rpidelany
Written July 30, 2016
What a disappointment. Predictable, slow, and who carries a camera filming while they are running and screaming. Don't waste your money, wait to see it on cable. Paranormal 3 was much better.
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Good move

By AmyM1
Written July 31, 2016
Like all the Paranormal movies...the best part was the last 15 minutes or so. If you enjoyed the first three you will enjoy this one.
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The one u MUST....not see

By natorig
Written July 01, 2016
The movie starts out with childeren playing soccer....loose shorts and rough playing is not wat i came to see....there was also a child malester camera zooming in and out of a little boy.. and thats a little uncomfratble for me....... in ways scarier than this movie. Not to spoil the movie.......wait imma spol it sucked nyways back to the movie they brought back the girl back from the other movies who in my opinion...F**KIN SUCKS..u kno i thought they would have burned her u kno cause she sucks sayin she " wow im glad we got rid of her cuz she is awful". but they didnt matter of fact they gave her a big role she walked around sayin huter comehon hunter come hether hunter....but h's in words that dont have F**KIN h's in them...all i got to say is that it was a dissapointment... very very mad....F**CK u paranormal activity F**CK u.
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By karina.mora03
Written June 30, 2016
seriously what is going on with these movies and their crappy endings? i was so excited to go and see this movie and was let down. compared to the first two movies there was A LOT MORE ghostly encounters with this evil spirit and it just seems as though they've given up on giving you a good scare! why even come out with this movie during Halloween time? its a disappointment to Halloween! i give up! PLEASE!!!!!! i need a good Halloween scare!
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Absolute Crap....

By meccassault
Written January 17, 2017
This was by far the worst of the 4 films. Not that the other three were amazing, but they were entertaining and creepy. But, in this one...NOTHING HAPPENS the entire movie, until the last 5 minutes. Then, it finally got good and the last 10 seconds killed that too...Just like the first one, horrible ending. Just a waste of my time.
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