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By trippledigitss
Written April 29, 2017
I took my son to see this movie and he said it was "so awesome" but if you are over 15 I'd say dont waste your money. It was so stupid & predictable, I swear it was not even scary enough to raise my heartbeat one tiny bit. As with the other movies, the only part even remotely "scary" is the last 60 seconds. To be fair, I do not consider many movies at all to be scary, especially horror films or far-fetched psycho stuff. Anyway, I really thought this was dumb. The theater was filled with high-school kids and a few adults couples and the women & teenagers all jumped & screamed at every little bump. Personally if you really want to see it, save $19 (ticket & popcorn) and wait a few months until it comes on to red box.
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Paranormal Activity is back with a vengeance

By brianmed5
Written July 26, 2016
Paranormal Activity 4 once again plunges audience members into the realm of the supernatural with the film that put the f in fear. Several years after the gruesome murders of a local family in the suburbs of Carlsbad, San Diego we find another unsuspecting family enjoying a round of soccer. The location is now Nevada, Arizona and in documentary style fashion we uncover the beginnings of something that will ultimately end in tragedy. After an unexpected encounter with a neighbor who seems to miraculously appear out of thin air, stange occurences begin to plague the family by hostile forces of uknown origin. A nightmarish sequence of events soon follow including levitations, ghoulish sounds, premonitions, and the shadowy silhouette of something beyond the grave. For those wanting to jump start their weekend with a fear fest then paranormal activity is the movie to see. The final 60 seconds of the film are definitely worth the drive.
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Too Many Holes; Not Enough Shock and Awe

By musclehead32
Written December 06, 2016
First, let me point out that I was entertained. However, it was not enough to rate any higher. It may have been that I went into the theater with too high of expectations, as I really enjoyed the first three movies. Paranormal Activity (PA) 4 struggled and failed to live up to its legacy. I was disappointed when I recognized the mother and the father characters from previous acting roles. In the prior PA movies, the actors could have been my next door neighbors which ultimately drew me further in to the movie and the plot. I did not have the same emotions for those who(m) I would consider career actors. The plot was thin, and it lacked the shock and awe value of the previous movies. It appeared as if they were reaching to put together a plot, and there are many, many holes that are unanswered. As a whole, it lacked originality, especially the ending. I left the theater confused instead of dreading what was waiting for me in my dreams.
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The final 10 minutes are utterly nerve shredding...

By bcjmunroe
Written March 29, 2017
And they are the only 10 minutes of the movie I enjoyed. There is a way that someone could take all 4 of these movies and edit them together to make a really good movie. What they have done now is rely on the fact that I am studying the screen for the creepy thing they want me to see only to make something jump out and try to scare me...well I am not a 8 year old child so that doesn't work. I know they will make another one because the story is not finished and we all need to know what this clan of witches or demons or whatever is trying to bring forth. I for one will not be tricked into watching it at the theater again I will watch the rest on DVD...thanks anyway.
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By XD123
Written March 22, 2017
Im 14, and i saw this movie last week with my friends, who are also 14. We are all freshman, and this movie was all everybody was talking about so we saw it. The first half hour is boring, but then **** starts getting creepy. It gets really intense, and in like the last 10 minutes, me and my friends were like about to piss on ourselves. This movie was the best entry in the series, and i think you should go see it!
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