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Oh man...

By Coach LB
Written October 25, 2012
I am sad because I really enjoyed the first one and pretty much liked the second. The third was not good in my opinion but I had high hopes they will bounce back. I will probably go to the next one with the same hopes but it was not scary and it has gotten weird...
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By julioor23
Written October 23, 2012
This movie was awesome, if you haven't seen the new ones I would tell you to see those first before you see this one so you can understand the story line and know the characters. Awesome movie go see if especially like its Halloween weekend!
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Scary but not over the top

By amymarcheski
Written October 19, 2012
The story was weird...where's Robbie from? How did the family get Wyatt? Beyond that, there were certainly some scary parts. The freaky noises, the people that appear out of nowhere, chairs moving, etc. the last 10 minutes were the scariest for sure! I enjoyed. I wouldn't see it again, but it was good.
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Cinebristo Bliss

By linet6
Written October 23, 2012
I am a sucker for scary movies, the adrenaline, the rush just love them. With that being said, Paranormal Activity 4 did nothing for me, as a matter of fact my boyfriend and I just kept making fun of the movie and laughing. It had its moments but nothing like the commercials made it seem. If you are in the mood for a scary movie this one is not it.
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I wished my inner ESP would have told me to wait for DVD!!!

By A-List Star
Written June 25, 2013
Ok, so I am a fan of this series, my favorites have been Paranormal Activity 2 and 3. Paranormal Activity 4... you were absolutely not worth my movie theater ticket money!! Let me mention too that the ending is open ended as if there could be a 5th!!! To this ending I will not plead for a 5th, no way Jose! The movie was more funny than anything. They really bombed with this one. SMH
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