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You've seen it before

By fandangochris88
Written May 06, 2016
There are only so many times we can get scared of doors and chairs moving on their own! This is by far the most disappointing of them all. It is also the most boring of them all. There is nothing new to be seen here. I loved the first two, and the third was where it started to slip. They really dropped the ball on this one. Even though the ending is the standard "OMG" ending, it's not worth sitting through the previous hour and 25 minutes to get to the last 5 minutes, which is when most of the activity happens. Don't see it in theaters. Wait for the DVD or skip it altogether.
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Oh man...

By Coach LB
Written July 26, 2016
I am sad because I really enjoyed the first one and pretty much liked the second. The third was not good in my opinion but I had high hopes they will bounce back. I will probably go to the next one with the same hopes but it was not scary and it has gotten weird...
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Better than #2, not as good as #1

By terran868
Written July 06, 2015
It was alright - more action and story line than the previous versions... but not great. I couldn't help but think it was priming audiences for a Paranormal Activity 5...
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Really Suspenseful and Scary

By CatLover1967
Written May 05, 2016
Paranomal Activity 4 continues the saga started by Paranormal Activity 1 of a demon-possessed suburban house. This is the kind of scary movie I enjoy: genuinely suspenseful without unnecessary gore and loud irritating music. These movies were shot on a low budget, which proves that you can make a really entertaining film without all the expensive and superfluous special effects and music. I would definitely recommend this one.
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Paranormal Activity 4

By bougie20
Written July 25, 2016
The movie was great it dragged a bit in the beginning. It connected to the other three movies just fine even though there were many similiarities that were rather predictable. I think if there were more of explanation of the coven and their purpose the movies would a tad more enjoyable.
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