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Paranormal Activity 4, and Hopefully No More

By Darkola
Written January 23, 2017
When the first Paranormal Activity came out, it was a new approach to horror, a breath of fresh air sort of speak, it drew you in, it kept your eyes glued to the screen, wondering what your going to see as your eyes went back and forth looking, hoping you didnt miss it. Next we had part 2, then part 3, each of which still held a little interest, but with each movie, that interest faded more and more, and now with the latest, Part 4, the series has died for me, I felt so bored watching this movie, even came close to just closing my eyes, and the little bit of activities that did happen .. just didnt do anything for me. The movie dragged on until about the last 10 minutes, then it did get a bit better with the action, unfortunately, it was to late to do any justice for the rest of the movie. Its time for them to hang this series of movies up and move on, as the stories have been on the shelf to long and the experation date has long expired, I'd give this 1 out of 4 stars. Enjoy :)
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Moves slow but. . .

Written October 25, 2016
The action picks up in the last 30 mins. Since the 1st hour moves so slowly you basically scare yourself with the anticipation of something bad happening. Pretty intense ending and a slight twist. You get your scares at the end. Also, poses one question in terms of what exactly happened at the end of 2. Loyal PA fans/followers will enjoy it.
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By priviledge
Written May 31, 2016
I review this movie "WOT", (waste of time). It does little to explain or continue the story of the sister and son (Hunter). It is almost exactly like the second movie. I was hoping for some story meat and got veggies. It could be described as "SOS". It introduces a new young girl with the camera up her nose most of the time. I get it. She is an attractive girl. Enough already! At least no snot was dripping down her nose.
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A movie series that makes ya jump out of your seat!!

By tboltbmf
Written March 27, 2017
All I will say about this movie,is if you enjoyed the other movies,you will like this.Same as the others,just different plot.I liked it,jumped a few times,had some laughs in it as well.!!
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By marco34la
Written September 25, 2016
This whole series is getting worse and worse. People were walking out left and right. Ridiculous story, abysmal dialogue and a HUGE waste of money. I thought "sinister" was bad, but compared to this, it should win and oscar.
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