By Sassybiker
Written August 27, 2016
This movie kept the same suspensful, creepy vibe. The 'feel' of this movie is the same as the previous 3; the method of filming made sense too. I did get a bit of deja vu with this one - we have seen this whole thing before - where is it leading? While this was a good movie, I am ready for this to conclude - once and for all - with an ending that answers all the questions in a way that makes sense. Would be cool for some detective or relative or someone to notice that folks are dead and kids didn't return to school or neighbors wonder what all the noise is about or for co-workers to raise an alarm because their boss or subordinate didn't show up. Seriously, isn't anyone else wondering about that? Someone needs to wonder what is happening and where everyone is and why? The next one could be a real movie movie from two perspectives: the 'found footage' concept and the query of what the heck happened.
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Paranormal Activity 4

By Port_City_Playa
Written October 20, 2012
Don't go to this movie...save your money for something else. It's complete garbage that just has a lot of talking with occasional pop-ins to make you jump and that's it. At the end, the woman runs down the hall with what looks like a halloween mask on. Terrible movie, no plot, no action.
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Paranormal Activity 4 was a definite thriller!

By Eganes5678
Written February 22, 2017
I saw the film on the Thursday night showing in IMAX and I've got to admit it had me on the edge of my seat at least a few times. The story line was solid all though different from the previous films. Doesn't necessarily mean it was a bad film or anything, just a different setting. Also I probably wouldn't recommend it for really young children,but definitely for younger teens and up! If you just want to see a a really good fright flick with a one of a kind "Demon takes all' showdown at the end then go check this movie out, you won't be disappointed! I thought it was great!
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Paranormal Activity 4 — a complete waste of time & money!

By Ralffers
Written October 20, 2012
I cannot imagine that Paranormal Activity 4 could be any worse than it was! It was boorishly uneventful, predictable and lacked any imagination in terms of storytelling. It appears as though the writers and directors needed an influx of cash and decided to release this movie — but didn't put any effort into it. Do not waste your time & money. It's a shame too, because this franchise has built quite a reputation for itself, but it was ruined by this latest installment. I will not be seeing Paranormal Activity 5, if it is ever made.
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Horrible Movie

By skaparty10
Written October 26, 2012
Movie was terrible, worst of all paranormal series. Ending was the lamest thing ever. Entire theater was disappointed. Avoid this movie.
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