Paranormal Enough

By Godroses
Written September 28, 2016
To be honest, the commercial was equivalently as entertaining to watch, being that the viewers expectation of this film is very high based on those key parts advertised, however, despite the fact it was not as good as Paranormal Activity "3", I have to make it clarified that watching the film was at-least satisfiable. Lastly, a student discount would make this even far more worth the watch.
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Not Bad, Similar to PA 3

By Padrino123
Written August 31, 2016
Follows the same basic apparently successful formula as the other films and PA 3; the mixture of home vid cam footage, silent recording at night time through a computer (in PA 3 it was hidden cams I think), and gets its thrills mostly through scenes that make you jump and loud noises. The plotline, without being a spoiler, runs along similar lines as part 3. Think of elements such as cults / covens, children targeted for 'use' or possession by the cult and the demonic force(s), virgin girls, etc. It's not nerve-rattling scary, I've seen much scarier, but overall it's a smart and well-done little Halloween-time movie and if you liked part 3 you will probably like it (personally I believe PA 3 felt a little scarier overall...). Worth checking out on a date night or with friends, especially this time of year.
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Still entertaining...

By Lynz_Michael
Written December 10, 2016
The movie was still really entertaining but was less scary/streamlined than the others. I still really recommend going to see it. A god Halloween thrill for sure.
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A lot of the same, but just can't get enough!

By sdgatorgirl
Written August 28, 2016
Saw this movie in IMAX and really enjoyed it. If you have balance or motion sickness issues, I would NOT recommend the IMAX screening. My friend almost threw up in the popcorn bag! :P The plot is not necessarily new and exciting. It is very similar to the first three (I still jump every time!) but I just can't seem to get enough of watching this movie. Make sure you stay for the final scene after the credits. Leaves the door open for the next movie and seems to point in a new direction (at least geographically).
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By Chocolate Love
Written May 26, 2016
Well after the experience of P3 not having some of the great previews I noticed that P4 scaled back their preview which lead me to believe that the movie was just going to be okay. I believe this fits nicely in the franchise and I what I enjoyed most as some of the things I was predicting to happen didn't but then they caught me off guard with an unexpected scare. I think it will be enjoyed very much on the big screen.
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