Paranormal Activity 3 Synopsis
A videographer becomes obsessed with finding the source of disturbing late-night noises in his home.
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Paranormal Activity review

By Muvie Reviewer
I was never a fan of the film series. I find that the Paranormal Activity movies take way too long to scare the movie goer for a horror movie, but I went anyway with a fresh perspective cause my honey...

Extremely Disappointed...Just Another Hyped up Movie :(

By DaRookie2012
Sorry, I've seen better films like The Shining, The Exorcist, Amityville Horror and others. Those are classic movies with real scare tactics and suspense. Paranormal Activity does not cut it for...

It was so scary that ....

By NYCFilmMaker11
I had my eyes closed the entire time because I feel asleep. It bored me to death.. LOL. I finally woke up and caught the last two minutes of the ending. When I looked around me most of the people...

Not as good as the first two.

By Gigity
If you have already seen Paranormal Activity one and two don't expect this one to be better, because it is not. Don't get me wrong, it has it's moments but don't hold it to the high standerds of the...

Good not great.

By RCalhoun
I liked the first a lot and LOVED the second one. This one definitely has its moments. However, the payoff in this one isn't worth the build up. The ending sucks. Most of the good scenes from the...

paranormal activity

By Waters65
well they got me again ! After veiwing the first 2 installments of this movie I swore I would not get suckered into paying to see the 3rd, but the trailers got my interest, as they do so well and I...

Double OH NO!!!

By Vonnie1964
I beg of you do NOT waste your time or money on this piece of trash. Several scenes that were in the trailer were not even in the film. Many people walked out, and I wish we had been among them. ...

Subnormal Junktivity

By Zarnza
Well I really liked the first two so my expectations were pretty high for this one, boy was I disappointed. Ever walk out of a movie with your friend and agree that this was the worst movie either of...

Not as good as I had hoped

By charlesm1950
Locally, the Austin Chronicle gave this a good review but I was disappointed. I was more entertained by the audience reactions to the "boo!" and "gotcha" moments in the film than by the film itself....

Paranormal Activity 3

By aundreaco
I'm a huge horror movie buff and do like the concept of the Paranormal Activity franchise. However, this movie upset me. I'm confused. The two little girls in the bathroom doing bloody mary...never...

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Rated R | For Some violence, language, brief sexuality and drug use
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Common Sense Media says Slightly more violent prequel connects the first two movies.
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