• Released
  • October 21, 2010
  • (Opens Thursday night, 11:59pm 10/21, or 12:00am 10/22)
  • R , 1 hr 31 min
  • Horror
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By deathworldhaunt
Written June 10, 2013
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By kmorris`
Written October 23, 2010
This movie was ridiculously AWFUL....by far the worst movie I have ever seen at the theaters. There was maybe 15 minutes of "scary" in this movie. People should be paid to see this movie instead of having to pay to see it.
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Scariest **** ever!!

By sjb2524
Written October 22, 2010
I am not a person to get scared easily by movies, but PA2 scared the **** out of me!! The kitchen cabinet scene and the dragging down the stairs scene were insane!!! I say this is a must see! Make sure you bring a friend or two and don't drive alone!!! So much better then the first one and everything is explained from the first one!! Have fun seeing it! It's a thrill!!!
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good story

By Sweet Pickle
Written October 30, 2010
I enjoyed it. They did a good job with the story line. It was scary.
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Worth the watch

By Niphridell
Written October 31, 2010
It's my understanding that this movie, and its predecessor are either love it or hate it movies. Therefore, if you loved the first one, the second is definitely worth the watch. It ties up some of the loose ends in the first storyline and creates an opening for a third - so I know I'll have my eye open.
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