• Released
  • October 21, 2010
  • (Opens Thursday night, 11:59pm 10/21, or 12:00am 10/22)
  • R , 1 hr 31 min
  • Horror

Scary SH_T!!!

Written October 22, 2010
Just as good as the first!! Awesome they added the baby, the teen, and the dog!! Awesome!!! Everyone needs to shut the EFF UP during the movie and u will enjoy it. I suggest watching this when it's not crowded, much more intense and creepy!!
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Scary as S**T

By manda_panda
Written October 22, 2010
If you saw the first one, you know how much you wanted the night-time to come, because it was basically when all the scary parts would happen. Paranormal Activity 2 felt like there were way more night scenes, and even scary daytime scenes. No joke, I spent the last 20 mins. or so with my hands over my face because I was so scared. A LOT more pop outs in this movie, so be warned. The ONLY thing I didn't like was the lack of attention to editing... Continuity issues always distract me in movies. Pots and pans totally changing between frames, curtains closing and opening between shots.. Regardless, it is a genuinely scary movie, with a great twist that you don't expect from the previews! Also, not one of the movies where they show you the scariest parts in the trailer! MUST GO SEE IT!!!
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Let Yourself Be Scared

By nicolenguyen89
Written November 01, 2010
This movie is very much like hte first movie. Literally. The same suspense scenes are used and most movie explains what we didn't understand in the last. You must let yourself be scared. Don't come in expecting too much and don't be a sarcastic audience because that takes out all the fun of watching the movie.
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Five Word Review

By brandonapo
Written November 01, 2010
No Story Line Very SLOW
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Five Word Review

By twizzlers_yum
Written October 25, 2010
Good creepy fun without gore
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