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A charming, blue collar guy is trying to get ahead in his entry-level job, but after one costly and illegal mistake, he is confronted by a rutheless CEO.
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Miami Herald

By Connie Ogle
Paranoia has a promising foundation — betrayal, danger and corporate espionage are solid building blocks of suspense. But the movie turns...
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Chicago Tribune

By Michael Phillips
There's nothing wrong with Paranoia that a stronger director, livelier leading actors and several hundred fewer narrative conveniences...
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
This one is essentially “The Firm” with smartphones.
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
Hemsworth, who is Gale Hawthorne in "The Hunger Games" and the brother of the Hemsworth who stars as "Thor", has maybe one arrow in his...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Stephen Farber
The filmmakers may have hoped to make a timely commentary on the amorality in our executive suites, but they end up merely restating the...
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Bill Zwecker
The actors do their best. The problem here is simply a formulaic screenplay and less-than-inspired direction.
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USA Today

By Scott Bowles
It plays more like a "21 Jump Street," full of pretty people and a thumping soundtrack but offering little in the way of something to say.
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

By Liam Lacey
There’s a scene in a members-only club where Wyatt and Goddard meet, giving the two veteran actors the chance to go eyeball to eyeball for...
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By William Goss
Frankly, no one in this ensemble is done any favors by Jason Hall and Barry Levy’s screenplay, a “Duplicity” for dummies filled to the brim...
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Director Robert Luketic’s thriller Paranoia has a host of problems, but the biggest seems to be that no one in it is nearly paranoid enough.
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Interesting Plot

By ricomvygoer
I enjoyed watching this movie and was pleasantly surprised with the ending. Liam Hemsworth was very good. Harrison Ford pulled it off in my opinion and Amber Heard and Embeth Davidtz are simply...

Paranoia: See it or read it, but don't do both

By greenwald1
If you read the book, Paranoia, you should not bother seeing the movie or you will be disappointed. However, the movie was decent on its own. I guess screen writing is a tough job. If the movie...


By lethaj
One of the worst movies I've seen in awhile. Very predictable plot, horrible writing and acting. Harrison Ford was somewhat entertaining but that couldn't make up for a complete waste of time and...

Don't believe the critics!

By Movie_Buff_86
It really shocks me to see so many bad reviews over this movie, because I thought it was a pretty good movie to spend money on. You have Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman who do not disappoint in this...

Good movie but...

By alananderson
Paranoia is a good movie but not great. If you miss seeing it in the theater you'll enjoy it just as much on DVD. Some good technical and action scenes as well as some human drama for the ladies. The...

One of the worst I've ever seen, but very pretty scenery

By maggiemay97884
Totally implausible, clichéd and boring. The scenery, apartments, offices, flashy cars and most of all Liam Hemsworth's beautiful blue eyes made it bearable, but just barely....

Paid reviewers must go!

By jakebanner1789
Paid reviewers need to pack their bags and go home. We are all familiar with their code: They only have permission to review and give sanction to movies with senselessness, stupidity, gratuitous...

A waste...

By The movie fanatic
Not good. Had just a few smart clever scenes in it but that was about it for me. The action was soft, and I didn't understand the chemistry of romance between the main couple in this. It lacked a...

boring romance no paranoia

By bugbugfartlover
I really wanted to like this movie but the romance in this movie was just to much. I did not get the paranoia part because he was to busy romancing the stupid girl. I can not believe Harrison Ford...

Wait for the video release

By lauralynnbauer
The writing was terrible in this movie. I thought the actors did a good job but the plot was too unbelievable. I really wanted to like the movie but I wouldn't recommend spending the money to see it...

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