Paradise Lost

By christopherbrisson
Written October 19, 2013
This movie was an utter disappointment--one big synthetic mess. It represents a HUGE step back in Diablo Cody's writing, after the brilliant, caustic (and moving) "Young Adult." Where do I begin... The three main characters--all are painted as such "good at heart" people that there is ZERO conflict to propel the story. Spencer is given a little bit of crotchetiness and there are constant references to Russell Brand's "playa" past, as if to create some doubt about his integrity, but these characters are all so saintly it begs disbelief. Since everyone is so goody-goody, there is no actual conflict of any sort, and thus no story. Yes, there is NO ACTUAL STORY here despite the "high concept" of Julianne Hough's small-town, religous character, Lamb, fleeing to Las Vegas, in a crisis of faith, to expose herself to worldliness and sin. The circumstances which bring them (and keep them) together are totally contrived. The movie feels fake and hollow in nearly every scene.
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By annapchs1
Written June 23, 2014
Terrible movie with overdone storyline and terrible acting.
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