Paper Man

By dsyracuse
Written April 24, 2010
I was lucky enough (honored even) to see this marvelous film at the Hamptons Int. Film Fest., & participate in the postshow discussion hosted by director/screenwriter duo, the Mulroneys. Almost everyone in the theater was moved by the depth & exploratory range of the film: a poignant study of adolescence, cognitive regression, feminine instincts, boyish fantasy & the catalogue of challenges that impinge upon creative life, mostly of a neurotic variety. No one in attendance felt that the acting wasn't first rate (stunning performances by virtually all the main players, most notably Emma Stone & Lisa Kudrow, a heartbreakingly unjoinable "mother-daughter" pair), the authentic Montauk scenery unplumbed by cinematography (perfect for so literary a film), the storyline anything less than trenchant, mind-expansive, evocative of more than even this cosmopolitan audience could surmise. The directorial debut of these familiar & gifted screenwriters, Paper Man lingers long(ingly) in the memory.
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By Markie_G
Written April 25, 2010
LOVED this movie, it was a slow starter (but in a good way) and in the end I cared so much about the characters and was very moved by their struggles and their connections to each other. It was beautifully shot, with the actors were terrific.
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Five Word Review

By BKallday
Written April 29, 2010
this is a delightful film
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Five Word Review

By caropana-filmcritic
Written April 26, 2010
interesting real emotional touching fun
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