PAPER HEART - what a RIP-OFF! Rating: 10 out of 100. (Based on advance press preview)

Written September 12, 2009
This past week I just attended the advance press preview of this 1.5hr 'documentary' starring the talentless Charlyne Yi. If PAPER HEART was trying to be a documentary - it missed its mark big time. If it meant to be a work of fiction - it missed the bulls-eye as well. What ended up was a pseudo-drama-fake-documentary which is a COMPLETE MESS - a movie gone awry. Does it have a point? The point was let's recycle the age-old question - what is LOVE? THAT was the whole point of this insipid vapid movie - a total waste of effort. Cameo by Seth Rogen was ok - but did nothing to elevate the movie. The MAIN problems were a weak script - and a 'actress/comedienne' who can't act. So - what does Charlyne do? Answer: Cash in on actor (Michael Cera) boyfriend's fame. Exploit and milk the relationship. Production values - below average. VERDICT: This movie SUCKS - BIG WASTE OF TIME. Be sure that you are PAID to watch this movie. Skip the DVD/Blue-Ray. GRADE: F-MINUS
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Paper waste of time

By pornoflicks
Written August 11, 2009
I bought tickets for this movie Paper Hearts, my lady and i walked off half way it was a big waste everybody was playing the same dried up indie role (Michael Cera). charlie chan yi what ever her name she is a horrible actress and writer Nicholas Jasenovec sucks too.
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Five Word Review

By culloli
Written August 29, 2009
worst movie seen this year
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oh dear Charlene

By schweig0
Written August 08, 2009
I saw this movie last night. The acting was kind of cheesy but that is possibly the point. It is a pseudo documentary that Charlene and Nick are putting together about love. She says that she is not in love and does not want to be in love, do you think that is for real? I would wait for this to come out on DVD.
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"PAPER HEART" -- "Love" means Never having to say “It’s TRUE" -- Rating: 7.5 of 10 stars. =

By jimchudnow
Written September 12, 2009
In this, comedienne CHARLENE YI decides to work with her friend Nick Jasenovec (played by JAKE M. JOHNSON) to make a film about LOVE and what people think about it. Charlene claims she doesn't really BELIEVE in love & doubts she'll ever feel it. She & Jake thus set out across the country to interview people on their opinions regarding the subject. While they visit some big cities, they spend a lot of time in smaller ones such as Lubbock & Amarillo TX & Oklahoma City to ask people (especially long-lasting couples) about their experiences & thoughts on the matter, how they met, etc. Sometimes, their stories are enhanced by little PUPPET representations. At one point, Charlene is introduced to Nick's friend MICHAEL CERA, & he takes a "shine" to Charlene (who's still "skeptical" about being able to feel real love). In time, Jake sets to filming virtually all contact (no matter how awkward) between the couple. This segment is "MADE-UP" rather than a real doc, but the segments "blend" well.
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