Papa: Hemingway in Cuba Synopsis
In 1959, a young journalist ventures to Havana, Cuba to meet his idol, the legendary Ernest Hemingway who helped him find his literary voice, while the Cuban Revolution comes to a boil around them. Based on a true story.
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PAPA: Hemingway in Cuba

By fiorentina
I loved the film! Loved the scenes in Cuba. The acting was very realistic and convincing . Adrian Spark was amazing. His Character is very complex and he nailed it. It was an interesting story...

PAPA is a movie worthy of your time if you are a fan of the man, his work and the time.

By speakersbureau
I had few expectations going into this movie and was very pleased as we're my guests whom are far more critical of movies these days. The story is played well by the actors, it was genuine,...

See it!

By kevin168
I went to Cuba and to his home and the rest not long ago...I am a Hemingway aficionado. on both counts, this movie is with your time and your money. The first movie to be filmed on location in Cuba...

A MUST SEE!!!! Great Timing!!!

By adinarc123
What a better way to receive Cuba with arms wide open...the TRUE story of Hemingway's life and relationships. Heartfelt and Emotionally Compelling!...

Great Movie!

By Henryboger
This is a well acted, beautiful story about Hemingway's life in Cuba. The fact that it was shot in the actual locations in Cuba add amazing realism to the film....

Great movie!

By keithcaceres
Well acted and beautifully shot. Sparks and Ribisi had great chemistry....

Very good . Great story.

By doormat59
I was Hemingway is what most intriguing figures in writing history. I'm surprise a movie hasn't been done on him before this. The acting was great. Being actually shot in Cuba was amazing. Sing that...

Papa: Hemingway in Cuba

By bcsassociates
An entertaining and informative movie with a story line fluid enough avoiding low points. The acting was superb especially Hemingway and his wife. Definitely a movie for adults (language and nudity)...

Papa: Hemingway in Cuba - what a splendid movie!

By Ithaca1121
It would be possible to argue endlessly about whether or not Hemingway himself would have liked this movie but that really doesn't matter. Since the young writer/journalist in the movie actually knew...

Excellent movie with fabulous acting. Having been to Havana I'm Hemingway's house two years ago, we felt like we were right back in it. Really a must see! So well done.

By Mbhirsch408

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Rated R | For Some Violence, Language, Sexuality and Nudity