WELL-DONE. Exceptional modern fable. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A-plus.

Written April 26, 2008
I saw Pan's Labyrinth when it was in the theaters. It is a MUST-SEE movies for serious fantasy and art-film fans - and across the board. This is truly 'film-making'. And writer/director Guillermo del Toro proved his mettle in his chosen field with this LUSH breath-taking gorgeous movie filled with icons and various thematic elements (good vs evil, compassion/kindness vs cruelty/brutality, redemption/forgiveness vs vengeance, etc.). This ARTIST is truly gifted in his work and it shows in his care/artistry in lifting this movie to something more than just another fantasy. Pan's Labyrinth is first-class quality appetizer, entree, and dessert served with mastery and loving-care. Pan's Labyrinth draws you in - holds you enthralled as it follows Ofelia's adventures (and mis-adventures)...through well-crafted landscapes riveting cinematography and her eerie encounters with bone-chilling antagonistic fantastic creatures. The Spanish dialogue infuses the movie with an exotic aura.
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Violent, but spectacular film based on the Greek religion

By maxsmart
Written December 27, 2008
If you are a theology fan, you will love this film! It is based on the Greek religion, specifically that of Arkadia and other inland areas where Hades was worshipped. The movie is split into 2 halves that collide in the end - one half is the story of a leader in the Spanish civil war. The other half is his stepdaughter's adventures and trials involving the Greek religion - it turns out her mother is Persephone and her father is Hades, god of justice, and she is faced with many of the puzzles and challenges from Greek religious texts, including the temptation to eat from the table of Hades. There is also a scene with the reverse-birth of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, and another scene involving Kronos. Theologians like myself will be salivating! For those not as familiar, Hades was protector of the innocent and punisher of those who violated the 3 major sins, which comes together in the very end. The only complaint I had is that the movie was BRUTALLY violent.
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Wonderful Film

By johndiii
Written November 02, 2013
Extremely well done - raw and compelling. The ending is just perfect.
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For Fairy tale and Guillermo Del Toro fans!

By moviefanchris88
Written November 18, 2008
Those who thought the Hellboy movies were awesome should see this one. Del Toro is no Tim Burton, but it seems like he knows what he's doing to amaze movie-goers with his vision. You want fairy tale masterpiece, you'll get fairy tale masterpiece when you start watching. My favorite fairy tale charactor in this movie is the Pale Man. He can see out of his hands! I've seen anything like it. If you like fairy tales, this is the movie to see!!!
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Is it for kids?

By njoygoodflix
Written April 15, 2007
My 11 year old had read and seen reviews of the film and desperately wanted to go. I had major reservations due to the rating (as many ratings are way too lenient in my estimation.) Although there were disturbing images, I didn't feel that they were excessive or without purpose. The dual storyline was intriguing, thoughtful and evoked feeling. My son loved the movie and surprising to me, I did too. I'm glad we saw it and I'm glad we saw it together. Not for every 11 year old (hence the R rating) but an excellent film with a lot of substance!
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