The clear future on energy will involve safe nuclear generation

By matthewvick
Written July 22, 2013
If you have a opinion on energy, speaking for domestical or international, this is a must see!
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There's New Hope in Pandora's Promise

By markuhran
Written July 21, 2013
In a world racing recklessly toward a population of 10 billion in the 21st century, Pandora's Promise reminds us that every ecosystem has a limited carrying capacity. Stone expertly rivets our attention on the leading issue of our time -- nuclear energy, and its decisive role in overcoming the challenge of climate change.
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Pandora's False Promise

By atomgirl
Written September 20, 2015
This industry produced film to promote the flagging nuclear industry has been thoroughly debunked. It claims nuclear is the answer to poisonous coal power and global warming and asserts that wind and solar are marginal even though both renewable sources are cheaper and already producing more power than nuclear both here and abroad. Renewables are easily deployed and modular without a radioactive waste dilemma whereas nuclear is all-eggs-in-one-basket and takes decades to build and costing billions of dollars that must be extracted through taxing the public because Wall Street refuses to invest in nuclear. The metaphor is poorly chosen -- Pandora promised not to open the box, but did and unleashed all the ills of the world: greed, ignorance, disease ... in the case of nuclear add: cancer, birth defects and long-lived radioactive waste. The film's producers want nuclear to be perceived as HOPE but our hopes are far better placed on the abundant natural forces of sun and wind.
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Turns the pop-sci of Nuclear Energy on its ear

By edhansen
Written June 16, 2013
The logical arguments of this film are that nuclear generation and delivery of electricity is the cheapest, safest and greenest of all energy production/transportation/consumption methods, and our fears of nuclear power are based falsely on the conflagration of nuclear armaments and nuclear energy into one political issue ("No Nukes") in the late 1970s. Very intriguing, very compelling. Go.
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By bowers.benjamin
Written June 14, 2013
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