PaleyFest Walking Dead

By joepettoni
Written February 08, 2016
I misunderstood that what I would be seeing was live, it was not. It was obivously recorded the week before, so many of the comments and "First to see sceens" weren't. Did I love it . Yes, would I do this again, yes, just wish they had stated that it was or wasn't live.
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The Walking Dead!

By carolr728
Written May 26, 2016
I truly enjoyed watching last nights 2013 PaleyFest featuring the cast of The Walking Dead. It is great to get inside point of views from Robert Kirkman, the Executives and the actors. To me The Walking Dead is the best series on TV and has been since the very first show! I have convinced several co-workers to watch it just once and now they are all as addicted as I am to The Walking Dead!
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What a Great Idea

By potzer37
Written March 16, 2013
I'm fairly certain this isn't the first time they've made PaleyFest available in theaters, but this was the first time I took advantage. I normally, trek it to the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. The festival itself is always a great experience. Especially if you love the show. I would recommend either attending live or going to a viewing. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. If you go live, you have a chance to ask a question and potentially get the case to sign your program. If you go to a viewing, you don't have to deal with parking and can sit it a comfy chair. Your choice.
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By Meelowslavich
Written May 26, 2016
This was a show filmed about a week ago. The 20mun clip piece was ok, but it was nothing new except for the behind the scenes. The show preview they presented already aired on Sunday. The Q&A portion was awesome. The actors and actresses are humorous in part because it is their personality, but also because the host, Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead, made everyone feel comfortable. Hardwick and his nerdy sense of humor was the keystone to making this event funny as well as entertaining!
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By meemz2u
Written May 30, 2016
TWD is definitely the best show on television in my opinion and the 2 hour film was fantastic!!! It was a must see for any Walking Dead fan. Soooo glad I went! Loved it....
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