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PaleyFest The Walking Dead

By bizmontalvo
Written September 21, 2014
The 24 minute video was footage either already aired, or available on the internet. The panel itself was awesome. The conversation was engaging and fun. Chris Hardwick is a genius moderator. Over priced for what it was.
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Loved The Walking Dead PaleyFest!

By anjessed
Written March 08, 2013
We loved the PaleyFest featuring the case of the Walking Dead. It was funny and informative and I recommend seeing PaleyFest if your favorite T.V. is featured.
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Palsy walking dead

By Moor45
Written April 26, 2015
This was a large disappointment . It was basically talking dead . There was no one from walking dead present . It was just a film of the actual event . All the scenes are from past shows. There were only 6 people there and two walked out as I did near the end. I kept waiting for somthing special but it never came. The ticket price was higher than the regular movie price and I felt I was lied to . Do not waste your hard earned money on this disappointment .
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A must for any Walking Dead fan!!

By goodgirl28
Written June 03, 2015
This was SO amazing... a really good time. Next best thing to being there live! And Christ Hardwick as the moderator was such a perfect choice. If any of you watch Talking Dead, this was basically a 2 hour long, 1 million times amped up version with almost everyone that matters on the panel! Noticeably missing was Chandler Riggs (Carl)... I would've loved to hear his take on his character!
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PaleyFest Walking Dead

By joepettoni
Written March 08, 2013
I misunderstood that what I would be seeing was live, it was not. It was obivously recorded the week before, so many of the comments and "First to see sceens" weren't. Did I love it . Yes, would I do this again, yes, just wish they had stated that it was or wasn't live.
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