PaleyFest featuring The Walking Dead Synopsis
THE WALKING DEAD in theaters for special event.

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the walking dead paleyfest

By pfl7649
i really enjoyed seeing this. it was very interesting. loved hearing the cast talking. they all seemed to be a close group . they enjoyed doing walking dead and working with each other. it was done...

The Walking Dead Paley Fest

By miffmat
I thought it was AWESOME! So cool to watch it on the big screen. I hope they do this for some of my other favorite tv shows, like True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, or NCIS....

PaleyFest Walking Dead

By dkdawson
Please do not call something as live when it's actually several days old. The previews shown were actully last Sunday's episode. While it was good to see the actors together as actors and not as...

Walking Dead Paleyfest

By starlasky
I loved it. I wish I could have been there on March 1st, in the live audience, but it was great seeing all the cast and crew on the big screen. It's so much better on my little t.v. I really...

Paleyfest The Walking Dead

By rkraywolf88
Overall, I and the wife really enjoyed ourselves, both being huge TWD fans!! It was a great experience for both of us, as normally going to a movie theater, we...well, watch a new release movie! I...

PaleyFest The Walking Dead

By bizmontalvo
The 24 minute video was footage either already aired, or available on the internet. The panel itself was awesome. The conversation was engaging and fun. Chris Hardwick is a genius moderator. Over...

Loved The Walking Dead PaleyFest!

By anjessed
We loved the PaleyFest featuring the case of the Walking Dead. It was funny and informative and I recommend seeing PaleyFest if your favorite T.V. is featured....

Palsy walking dead

By Moor45
This was a large disappointment . It was basically talking dead . There was no one from walking dead present . It was just a film of the actual event . All the scenes are from past shows. There were...

A must for any Walking Dead fan!!

By goodgirl28
This was SO amazing... a really good time. Next best thing to being there live! And Christ Hardwick as the moderator was such a perfect choice. If any of you watch Talking Dead, this was basically...

PaleyFest Walking Dead

By joepettoni
I misunderstood that what I would be seeing was live, it was not. It was obivously recorded the week before, so many of the comments and "First to see sceens" weren't. Did I love it . Yes, would I...

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