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Really disappointing

By austin2000
Written September 15, 2014
We really enjoy the Big Bang Theory, and so were looking forward to this PaleyFest. Unfortunately, we both walked out very disappointed. The moderator was an actress from NCIS, who was absolutely terrible. In addition, instead of actually interviewing the cast and executive team, most of the two hours consisted of inane questions from the audience and over the web ("Will you sign my stuffed animal?" - "No". "Can we get a picture with Kaley?" - "No". "Is Raj gay?" - "No".) Finally, most of the cast appeared very disinterested and looked like they would rather be somewhere else. Exceptions were Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg, and the wonderful Melissa Rauch, who was the highlight of the evening. In the end, the moderator is going to make or break something like this, and it never stood a chance with the actress they chose to attempt to play the role of a moderator. With a competent moderator at the helm, asking insightful questions of the cast, it would have been much better
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Big Bang Theory

By harley86
Written November 24, 2014
Aside from 1 issue, the whole thing was awesome. The only issue I had, was that this was marketed as people in theaters were able to ask questions. There were very few of these, because the HOST from NCIS (who is best friends with the cast and can ask her own questions anytime she wanted), decided to spend most of the time asking her own questions, instead of the peoples questions (who never get to see them). That was extremely irritating. Other than that, it was super awesome and hilarious. :)
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PaleyFest Big Bang Theory

By kwdylue
Written March 29, 2015
Overally, I enjoyed this experience to watch the PaleyFest and the cast, producers and writers of The Big Bang Theory in real time but there were 2 major issues: 1) I purchased tickets for 8pm Eastern time and the confirm email I received from Fandango indicated the start time as 8pm Easterin time. When I arrived at the movie theater I found out this even started at 10pm Eastern time. My friend and I had to wait 2 hours and did not plan to stay in the movie theater until midnight. If we had known the actual time we would not have attended because this was a week night and ended very late. 2) There was service disruption and we missed about 10 minutes of the broadcast. No one from AMC 25 made any announcements or apologies.
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So funny in person too!!

By JBSmith
Written October 20, 2014
Just like their characters on the show, the cast is hysterical in person. You can tell they really like each other in real life. Pauley was a hoot as moderator. Hope they do it again in the future.
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Big Bang indeed

By lcushenberry
Written May 05, 2015
Great evening with the cast and creators of TBBT! This Paleyfest evening was hilarious, and I'm so glad I didn't miss it. The cast was so funny, and it was great to hear their funny stories and reactions. Melissa Rauch was amazing!
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