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Overall, a lot of fun

By csbaccounts
Written March 15, 2013
The clips/preview were fun, although for the money, some unseen footage/blooper reel would have been nicer. I loved that the panel was the complete cast and producers/writers. It allowed for a lot of perspective and laughs. It seemed like they cut off answers to some questions so there really wasn't an answer. They included a nice variety of questions from theaters, but the QA in the live audience wasted a time as they waited for people to take mics around and didn't screen questions before people wasted time with requests for signatures and photos. If the people with mics picked the questions, not the moderator, they could have had people lined up ready to go to just fire them off one right after another. I did think the main writer handled the Asperger's question very well. Highly gifted individuals often have some similar characteristics to those on the spectrum but no diagnosis. The writer did a great job showign respect to all individuals despite the woman's rather rude question.
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BBT Paley Fest Panel

By memadcow7
Written November 23, 2014
It was a great idea, but for $12.50 I could have waited for the free Hulu showing the next day. They didn't show a new episode. It just started out with about 10-15 mins of scenes throughout the seasons. It was also sad that the theater only had a handful of people. It would have been better if the ticket included something extra like a free drink or popcorn. Or even a Paley Fest booklet. It was still fun to see it "live", but for the price it could have added something more.
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Too Much Idle Chat

By mimicruise
Written March 14, 2013
I was more interested in seeing and hearing from the characters, however, Pauley Perret, whom I really like, was an aweful host. She just talked and talked and talked and wasted so much time that we really didn't get probably more than 45 minutes tops hearing the cast and writers speak. She was always interupting everyone speak. She seemed more like an awed fan, than the actual host of the show. While it was great to see the cast live, I would have been just as happy to see them on you tube later on. Probably will not go back to another Paley Fest
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Big Bang Theory Cast at PaleyFest

By Movie317Lover
Written March 14, 2013
The writers, producers, and cast members were smart and funny, just as we'd hoped they would be. They're the reason this is our favorite television show. We laughed a lot and afterward said the tickets were worth every penny. Letting people like us, watching the live show from remote locations, send in questions to be asked seemed to work very well. The only downside was the host, who is a member of the cast of NCIS. She was the least intelligent person on that stage, and it showed. Chuck Lorre, the producer of Big Bang, could have been the moderator and made the evening even more hysterical.
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Ripped off?

By Lima Kilo
Written March 14, 2013
I loved seeing my favorite TV cast and laughed a lot. Love the idea of Paley Fest. However, I felt ripped off knowing I'd paid money to see the show in a theater, and other people could see it for free on Hulu Plus! Is that true? I thought the theater was the only venue. Also, in a big city of 6 million people, only ten people showed up at the only theater offering this show. Very disappointing. Maybe everyone else was watching it for free! Would have liked more than just one cast member to answer some of the great questions for the whole cast. Big Bang rocks. Paley Fest, so-so.
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