PaleyFest featuring The Big Bang Theory Synopsis
TV’s hit comedy series “The Big Bang Theory” to select movie theaters for a LIVE interactive experience as part of PaleyFes

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Paleyfest - Big Bang

By peaches915
Loved seeing the cast and producers/creators, and listening to them answer questions about the show. My only complaint about the Q&A was the moderator. I felt she did not use the time wisely and was...

A lot of fun

By ms.lene
I honestly didnt have a lot of idea what this was all about, but I loved the idea of live Q and A. It was exactly that, but it was a lot of laughter, and we got to hear a lot of background stories...

Really disappointing

By austin2000
We really enjoy the Big Bang Theory, and so were looking forward to this PaleyFest. Unfortunately, we both walked out very disappointed. The moderator was an actress from NCIS, who was...

Great presentation. Not so good theater

By jenriqueusa
Is great to have the chance to get to know the actors better and get to know about fun trivia. The experience was almost ruined. The movie started 20 minutes past time; no explanation of what...

Live but not really

By s.sprong
It was very good. But before it starts you were told to have cells phones out. That way you can text your questions. I'm thinking it was not live. Because 3 hours earlier they had the same thing...

Big Bang Theory

By harley86
Aside from 1 issue, the whole thing was awesome. The only issue I had, was that this was marketed as people in theaters were able to ask questions. There were very few of these, because the HOST from...


By flixkix
Really fun experience -- it was good to see that the Big Bang Theory actors seemed to really enjoy one another, as well as the writers, and it was great to see what parts of their character...

So funny in person too!!

By JBSmith
Just like their characters on the show, the cast is hysterical in person. You can tell they really like each other in real life. Pauley was a hoot as moderator. Hope they do it again in the future....

PaleyFest Big Bang Theory

By kwdylue
Overally, I enjoyed this experience to watch the PaleyFest and the cast, producers and writers of The Big Bang Theory in real time but there were 2 major issues: 1) I purchased tickets for 8pm...

Big Bang Review

By sleehg
Poor choice for MC. She spoke too fast and you couldn't understand much of what she was muttering about. The camera was on her so much you couldn't see the cast members even when they were...

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