I need to get a pump.

By bcjmunroe
Written May 24, 2017
Just saw this movie and it was a good time. No - it definitely won't win any awards and no you probably won't feel inspired to bring peace to the world but if you like dark comedies then you are going to laugh so hard you'll wish you never stacked on an extra set of crunches before seeing it. I am telling you right now watching Dwayne Johnson act like he is coked out of his mind was well worth the price of admission alone. I know your thinking; "but wait Chris I thought it was based on the true tragic events of kidnapping, extortion, and murder"...well you are 100% correct and still I laughed so much my cheeks hurt. The woman reading this would probably like to also hear mention that Wahlberg pays homage to his roots (Calvin)...LOL The bottom line is this movie is very entertaining and I think I enjoyed the subtle dialogue and background chatter more than anything. Go see it with your friends you won't be disappointed I know I will be buying it for the home library.
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Fact Stranger Than Fiction

By MedRed
Written June 01, 2016
Michael Bay offers up a visual treat. The imagery is stunning and of course there is an explosion or two. The constant changes in first person narrative poorly ape Guy Ritchie's style. While there are references to the 90s, you don't get the feeling that the story actually takes place in the 90s. This movie is playful, but unfortunately, a lot of the funny scenes are executed poorly. With the exception of Tony Shalhoub, the supporting cast far outshines the main characters. Wahlberg looks like someone trying to act and Dwayne Johnson could have been replaced by someone off the street reciting lines from a script. The macabre, true life story and Michael Bay's flashy film making helped this movie to exceed my low expectations despite the poor acting, blah story filler, failed jokes, and plot drag. There are a few pictures of the real people at the beginning of the credits If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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Pain, gain, & little to entertain

By Deebie1975
Written September 25, 2016
If you've seen the hilarious clips then you've seen the movie. Was expecting an entertaining movie but it was more like a botched crime and cheesy adult entertainment flick. The movie was drawn out by at least an extra half-hour for a predictable ending. The film is based upon a true story which in part also left me feeling ill. This was someone's family crisis and murder made into a cringe-worthy comedy? Had I known this I probably would not have gone as I thought it was just about a scam gone wrong...not scam/murder. I also felt that it made Christianity seem like a hypocrisy...this annoyed me! I love Jesus but oh let me grill someone's hands and run over them? This is not how 'true' Christianity works. I feel Michael Bay fell flat on this production and he just needs to stick to robots if he can't come up with more than a flick filled with G-strings, pumped up meat heads, porn stars, botched murder crimes, and the not so original ' let's beat someone up with a *****.'
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worst movie ever

By sugarsweet281
Written July 26, 2016
I never write reviews, but I felt compelled to write this review after watching this horribly awful movie. DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE! It was that bad. Really. Save your money and time. The trailers for this movie make it look funny. It is not funny and only has slightly humorous dark humor at rare moments in the 2 hour+ long movie. I honestly could hear other people in the theater also commenting on how horrible the movie was while it was showing. A bad end to the night. Be warned
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pain and gain

By beebob4180
Written September 29, 2016
the rocks character is a bit strange, him as a cry baby type character was a bit far fetched ........ but its a true story and he was trying to portray the character, im just not used to him in this type of role......... he barely pulled it off .... but strange and at times funny .......... movie .......... ending typical since of course they get caught ........... but all in all was descent movie...........and love those muscleheads......... lol
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