Painful to watch

By jschindlb
Written October 25, 2014
I like Duane Johnson and Mark Walberg but this wasn't a good movie. It was stupid and boring and the second half of the movie just seemed to drag on forever.
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Pain and gain was nothing but PAINful

By lorilipscomb1215
Written December 20, 2014
Sleazy, not funny and just plain stupid.
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Sex toys not needed

By Lee M
Written April 29, 2013
For good actors to need to work in a movie that relies on sex toys and other dumb stuff for a movie that is not xxx rated is a shame. I have always admired the works of Mark Wall Berg and Dewayne Johnson. This film is a travesty for them. Are they required to make x number of bad movies to make one good movie. Come on guys, your better than this. I hope no one took their kids to this. I saw several other couples walk out on this one even before my wife and I.
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Be a Doer & see Pain & Gain

By thenightwing
Written May 28, 2013
Pain & Gain was very comical at times. Mark Whalberg played a great role as a muscle head trainer who wanted to just be a doer. Anthony Macke had some funny moments in the movie but it was Dwayne Johnson who stole the show.
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The Three Stooges

By Movie_Reviews_by_Gretchen
Written August 20, 2014
A true story about three bodybuilders who kidnap, torture and murder to steal the American dream. The only problem is, they are too stupid. The movie is like watching the three stooges but people actually die as a result of all the calamity. There is definitely ambivalence after watching this movie. On one hand it's funny as hell but on the over hand you feel guilty as hell for enjoying it because real people lost their lives in all this mess. Dwayne Johnson has perfected the big dumb jock role but I don't actually want him to ever play one again. As for Wahlberg, he's also good at the sadistic psychopath he plays but in his sappy kind of way. Anthony Mackie's body transformation is so remarkable that you can't help but think he engaged in what his character lives for in the movie. I'm just saying. In the real case,you want these idiots to burn. But after watching this movie, you are fully entertained. You will leave wondering could this have really happened. And the answer is, Yes!
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