The horror!

By rev_soldier
Written January 26, 2015
If this movie was fiction, I wouldn't be writing a review. It was funny, silly at times and what you'd expect from a Michael Bay movie (maybe entertaining?). The movie itself wasn't bad. What makes this movie horrible is that it is a true story. I liken it to watching a Dateline special about how a husband kidnaps his wife and kills her unborn baby, and then Michael Bay gets a hold of it and decides to make it sexy and fun. It's hard to be entertained at the expense of such sad events that affected so many people (despicable or not) and to feel any joy about such desperate and deprived acts. In theory, this should be a Go!, but real life horror as fun? No!
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Horrible Movie!!! Save your Money!!

By jb_stogner
Written March 05, 2015
I do Like Wahlberg and the Rock, but simply put this movie is completely awful! So awful in fact I thought Id post this review just to save other movie goers money on top of two hours of wasted time.
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Great Characters

By joeloglesby
Written March 05, 2015
My girl friend and I decided to see Pain & Gain tonight. We actually really enjoyed the movie despite our reservations on the (so-so) review before we left. The story is dramatic, but the characters and some of the situations were quite comical. Dwayne Johnson and Mark Walburg were at the top of their game as usual and the movie was filmed and cut in traditional Michael Bay style. Wether you are curious about the actual story that happened, or are a fan of Marky Mark or The Rock, Pain & Gain was an entertaining movie.
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Good Movie

By jvald049
Written April 29, 2013
The entire movie I was dumbfounded at how stupid people could sometimes be. I enjoyed that it was a true story and yes it had a few laughs but in the end you were just in awe.
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By swaggafied16
Written September 02, 2014
I Was A Little Skeptical At First. But As The Movie Went On It Became More Suspenseful And Interesting! It Had A Really Good Story Line!! I Was Impressed!
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