Wasted time

By waboboy5150
Written September 03, 2014
I'm never going to see another Michael Bay film. He ruined the Transformers and this was even worse. I want my money and 2 hours back!!
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By kujayne
Written July 31, 2014
This movie is AWFUL!!! Confusing Disgusting and we left after 1 hour of trying to watch and understand what this movie was all about? And that was hard to stay that long but wanted to give it a chance. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!
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Pain & No Gain!

By andreagray
Written April 29, 2013
My 17 year old daughter walked out with 15 min to go, she couldn't stand it any longer., It was 30 minutes too long watching absolute idiots!
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Billed as a comedy...its not

By Outis
Written September 19, 2014
I don't mean that it just isn't funny. It really isn't a comedy. IT was amazing only in how horrible it was. Based upon a true story, this was a story that didn't need retelling and I'm stunned that it has the cast and director that it does. don't waste your money and don't waste your time when it comes out on cable.
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Just Could Not Love It

By penrickcoups
Written September 23, 2014
I was not familiar with the true story that this was based on. I honestly thought it was going to be a simple kidnapping and extortion story - bad guys get caught - justice is served. Next time - I will be doing a bit more checking before I head out to the cinema. Because - I definitely did not get what I was expecting. I really don't blame the actors (other than for going along with it). But, a lot of stuff could have been toned down and the writing needed some help. I really liked the cast - I think they did a pretty decent job considering what they were working with.
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