The horror!

By rev_soldier
Written September 03, 2014
If this movie was fiction, I wouldn't be writing a review. It was funny, silly at times and what you'd expect from a Michael Bay movie (maybe entertaining?). The movie itself wasn't bad. What makes this movie horrible is that it is a true story. I liken it to watching a Dateline special about how a husband kidnaps his wife and kills her unborn baby, and then Michael Bay gets a hold of it and decides to make it sexy and fun. It's hard to be entertained at the expense of such sad events that affected so many people (despicable or not) and to feel any joy about such desperate and deprived acts. In theory, this should be a Go!, but real life horror as fun? No!
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An unfunny, depressing movie

By Newsod
Written November 22, 2014
This movie is factually based, and the facts are sad and unfunny. Everyone overacts and they act stupidly. It's quite violent, too. Wait for the DVD.
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By hdmiel
Written April 29, 2013
I don't know what everybody is talking about, this was a funny movie. I considered it to be more of a dark comedy, you'll know what I mean when you watch it. Secondly If you see it's rated R then its a Rated R film, don't expect it to be good for your kids to watch then complain about the movie being a horrible flick.
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the rock and rebel wiltson really disapointed me this time

By chrisd23902
Written November 27, 2014
had high hopes for this movie when i picked it out but soon enough those hopes were shattred the movie was horible the rock usualy makes an entertaning movie and rebel is usualy great but omg what a mess this was for both of them i hated it with a passion hands down worst movie of 2013
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Pain & Gain

By atc07
Written April 27, 2013
This film is something completely different than what you would expect from Michael Bay! At times you have to remind yourself that this is actually based on a true story. Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson make for an entertaining pair and bring lots of muscle and some good humor to Pain & Gain. If your a fan of either actor then you will definitely get a kick out of this movie. This was way different than I expected but I enjoyed it. Just be sure to leave the kids at home, there are some parts that will make you a little squeamish!
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