It Creeps Up On You

By HenryeB
Written April 27, 2013
As I sat watching this movie for the first 45 minutes or so I was thinking; "What a stinker this is!" Then they reminded me on screen that "This is still a true story." After that the movie became hilarious to me. It was just not possible for these guys to be so dang dumb! But apparently it is and they were. Toward the end I was laughing out loud at these idiots. Not a great movie, but it becomes really entertaining. I recommend it for some good sincere laughter at the expense of others.
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The Three Stooges

By Movie_Reviews_by_Gretchen
Written April 30, 2013
A true story about three bodybuilders who kidnap, torture and murder to steal the American dream. The only problem is, they are too stupid. The movie is like watching the three stooges but people actually die as a result of all the calamity. There is definitely ambivalence after watching this movie. On one hand it's funny as hell but on the over hand you feel guilty as hell for enjoying it because real people lost their lives in all this mess. Dwayne Johnson has perfected the big dumb jock role but I don't actually want him to ever play one again. As for Wahlberg, he's also good at the sadistic psychopath he plays but in his sappy kind of way. Anthony Mackie's body transformation is so remarkable that you can't help but think he engaged in what his character lives for in the movie. I'm just saying. In the real case,you want these idiots to burn. But after watching this movie, you are fully entertained. You will leave wondering could this have really happened. And the answer is, Yes!
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Good Movie

By jvald049
Written April 29, 2013
The entire movie I was dumbfounded at how stupid people could sometimes be. I enjoyed that it was a true story and yes it had a few laughs but in the end you were just in awe.
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By thedoctor777
Written May 01, 2013
I can't believe that Mark Wahlberg and The Rock said yes to these roles and movie. The direction and screenplay are all over the map. I couldn't decide if this was suppose to be an action film, comedy, series story because it is based on real events and presented in documentary format or what. This is the worse acting I have seen by Wahlberg and that's a shame (I really like his past acting and movies.) I would say save your theater money and at best red box it when it comes out; but even then I think you're wasting your money.
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Gross Comedy Mixed with True Life Story

By NorCalPrattz88
Written April 28, 2013
This movie had all the pieces in the right place of being a great True Life Story movie. An all star cast + the true life story line, however, this movie though interesting to watch, I wouldn't ever watch again, nor possibly even recommend. The humor placed in this movie was completely inappropriate. If you google this story, and read the timeline of events before even watching the movie, you'd be insulted. Secondly, the cover should have Mark Walhberg (Lugo) and Anthony Mackie (Doorbal) on the cover, since they were the prime killers, but for the sake of getting viewers attention, they put Dwayne Johnson. I'm more or less disturbed that this was made into a dark comedy, when the truth behind this story is far from humorous.
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