All pain

By Gjacque
Written April 30, 2013
Since the movie was based on actual events it was not as much action as one would believe from the trailers. Overall it was a good movie. If you are into fact based movies go if not I do not recommend
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Pain and Gain: The Rock and Mark Wahlberg had good chemistry

By Van Damme Fan
Written April 29, 2013
Pain and Gain was a very interesting movie with comedy and action. Typical Michael Bay film with trademark slow motion and 360 camera movie shots. Pros were the film looked great for a 25 million budgert and had some great action sequences. Also, I wish the movie was about 20 mins shorter but that is a Michael Bay film for you. The Rock and Mark Wahlberg were ripped in the film and had some good chemistry. Mark Whalberg's character was a train wreck which was very interesting. The Rock is improving on his acting skills.
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it's funny in a weird way

By Doctor A
Written May 10, 2013
I saw it last night and enjoyed it. It's funny in a weird way and since its a true story, it makes you think. a little.
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By Peneflix
Written May 03, 2013
It will take years of the therapeutic process to conclude “why” , with knowledge and foresight, I went to see this terrifically awful film; questioning the soundness of my mind, the stability of of my judgment I can only surmise I suffered from a temporary loss of sanity or a petit mal seizure. Based on a true story which transpired in Florida in the 90’s three “muscle crunchers” led by Mark Whalberg (shares my mental lacuna) kidnap, try to kill a successful business owner, for his wealth; the only, lonely humorous moments revolve around his obstinacy, refusal to die. “Pain” in abundance and nothing to “Gain”; skip this insufferable, pathetic, stupid morass of ineptitude. 1/2 STAR For Now…..Peneflix
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The real pain

By everyweek60706
Written May 01, 2013
I was on my way to see Mud 2013 but took a wrong turn and einded up with this. Michael Bay started out directing commercials after winning a contest in high school. Bad Boys 1995 and The Rock 1996 put him on the map and Armegeddon 1998 was a major hit. The only one of his movies I had seen before was Pearl Harbor 2001. I was surprised to find women handing out producer's questionaires at a Saturday evening screening. By the end I was going to compare it to Fargo and The Informer, largely because of a late graphic stating, This is still a true story. After Googling pain and gain movie true story I wasn't so enthusiastic. Apparently most of what makes the movie funny, the characters likeable, and the story worthwhile is made up or modified. I thought Dwayne Johnson was actually pretty good, but overall most people will probably be disappointed, either because it's not the fun and games romp they expected of Wahlberg Johnson Bay or because it's not much more.
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