By Thomas_Drysdale
Written July 07, 2011
We really enjoyed the film, especially David Carr and his authenticity. We are convinced subscribers who hope the Times and relative integrity are with us for a long time to come.
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By abeman
Written June 17, 2011
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Page One – Good Riddance to the New York Slimes Daily.

By Al P
Written July 14, 2011
This documentary is but a self-important diatribe on the decline of newspaper journalism, specifically an acrimonious assault by the New York Times on everything and everyone but those responsible for the decline of their greatly bemoaned power brokerage, formerly known as the bastion of American print journalism. Pathetic, whining and altogether in keeping with the actual practices that did them in, this documentary is almost a caricature of this now failed business model. If there’s a message to be conveyed by the film maker in this piece, I totally missed it. How this thing got a distributor in today’s film market is an absolute mystery to me but if you really want to throw your money away on something this bad, toss it into the street. At least some poor deserving person might find it rather than rewarding the people who made this garbage which, in my humble opinion, is the kind of film tripe that gives commercial theatrical exhibitors a black eye from their paying customers.
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A "Must-See" for any journalism nerd!

By VegasGiblet
Written July 18, 2011
This film will force you to think differently about the mentality that newspapers will one day be obsolete. With technology changing, media adapts. It is how the medium survives. Also, the film provides some smart and fun laughs - especially for David Carr fans.
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Decent, but not theatre worthy

By yonlam5
Written July 11, 2011
The movie had a lot of enlightening scenes and I loved getting to know the David Carr character, but the movie in general felt like something I could have watched on the silver screen. It's pretty obvious the arguments they make for the future of the news industry and the obvious downturn it's in. I enjoyed it though. Wouldn't really recommend for theatre.
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