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A real fun ride

By frelling_cute
Written July 14, 2013
If you love a good action movie with plenty of plot, then check this movie out. A lot better than Transformers and with a brain. Take the kids and stay away from Grownups 2. Trash.
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Epic as Epic can get

By bluelantern87
Written August 09, 2013
It was an amazingly Epic movie and I plan on goin to see it again and buying it on bluray then watching it hundreds more times. I love it!!!
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Great Movie

By Redblind_wolf
Written July 13, 2013
This was a fun movie to go see, lots of action and new faces. The robot concept however isnt new. In the 60's there was a young japanese boy who had command of another giant robot. His name was Johnny Sakko and the robot fought gigantic monsters just like in this new movie. This movie gives the Transformers and Tony Stark Notice their jobs are on the line we got new players in town,
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By lovechloe456
Written October 24, 2013
I LOVED pacific rim it got straight to everything it was so exiting it was amazing I couldn't believe how good it was I totally rate must go hands-down!!!
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Seen it all before

By millsythekiwi
Written December 22, 2013
So, picture a movie that amalgamates Transformers, Power Rangers, Godzilla, and The Battle of Britain. Now you can save your money and NOT go to see Pacific Rim! The robot are straight out of Transformers, and the monsters/aliens from Power Rangers and Godzilla. But wait, I also mentioned The Battle of Britain, how does that fit? Well it is the terrible, TERRIBLE acting by most of the British actors in trying to be American. Idris Elba, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? You are supposed to be playing a US Air Force general, yet you sound like like you just walked of the set of Bridge Over The River Kwai! Your speech before the final battle had this stiff upper lip quivering with pride...or was that suppressed laughter, it was difficult to tell. The plot was explained in the first 17 minutes of the film, the remaining 1 hour and 56 minutes was a mash up of huge special effects and predictable dialog. I feel cheated...
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