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By maxfraley
Written July 13, 2013
Absolutely a fine way to spend 2 1/2 hours on a thrill ride that takes you way beyond where we've gone before. I totally disliked "TRANSFORMERS" and its offspring, but PR is so much more there really should be no comparison. Casting scores high and the visual effects are almost unbelievable. I'm a "show me" movie fan that prefers a strong story, good cinematography, sound, and professional performances... PACIFIC RIM caught me off guard by being a most entertaining cinema pleasure. My son (43) and grandson (17) were in attendance with me (78,) and we were unanimous in our "thumbs up". IT'S A HOOT!
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Go for the Robots and Monsters, Not anything else.

By stdorees
Written July 18, 2013
(SOME SPOILERS) You really can't go wrong spending a ton of your budget on big machine and monster graphics, giving the movie as much appeal as King Kong vs Giant Squid. However, Pacific Rim's budget seemed to be limited. While much energy was spent making the Jaegers (the big robots built by humans to fight the race of enormous aliens, or Kaiju) look incredibly realistic, much less was spent on script writing and casting. Dialogue was often painful, not just because of poor acting (on everyone's part, it seemed, except for Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Day) but forced script writing, including a forced romantic line from the main character that spilled the beans on the otherwise dubious ending and some random fluctuations in anger from Idris Elba's role. The story was very much a creative one, and the plot had some complexities in it, but I rate this movie "Go!" purely for the fact that two-manned Transformers/Gundams are fighting Godzilla in the best kind of way: realistically.
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Pacific Rim

By Mr1Derful
Written July 14, 2013
Brought back memories of the old classic Godzilla, Gamera, Rodan movies I grew up with. The actual fight scenes were awesome, although the supporting story line and acting in between the fight scenes was a bit under par but forgiving. More character development would have helped but a good movie never the less. I would go see this again!
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2 thumbs, way down

By FilmFreak7878
Written July 13, 2013
Not enough storyline. Not enough background of how/where these godzillas came from. Godzilla resurrected? Really. Not real creative. Futuristic? Do you really imagine we would transport our technically marvelous future war machines with 6 Chinook helicopters, and drop them into the water from a few hundred feet in the air? I know it is "Science Fiction" but think it through and make us ponder about the possibilities. Think about it: we gain the ability to manipulate a 100+ yard tall, incredibly smart and strong robot by connecting 2 minds together as one, and it moves long distances using technology that is already 30+ years old???? Dark, dark, dark.......dark. Fight scenes all the same. The best fight scene is hand to hand scene (no robots) in the barracks. 2:00 out of 2:15 is a fight scene. WEAK attempt at romance plot. Characters not human - stiff, not relate-able. Sorry I went. I wonder what all the hype is about?????
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Giant Robots and Monsters!!! Yeah Baby!!!

By heath0914
Written July 17, 2013
For what it was I thought it was a great movie. Cool fight scenes and who doesn't like a giant robot giving a giant monster a good old fashioned snotklap!!!
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