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Lots of Action, Designed for Theaters

By lesparrish09
Written September 20, 2013
Visually, this movie is great! And it has its fair share of action! Lot of cool effects and plenty of viewing time of robots (operated by humans) fighting aliens. I also liked the concept of creating giant mechanical beasts to protect the world from monstrous alien beats who were not on Earth by mistake. This film was quite the looker! Also, I think that this is the type of movie that is meant to be seen in a theater, on a huge screen, with surround sound. If you prefer movies with a satisfying story line or character development, then this movie is not for you!
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Great Movie

By kenetic9mm
Written July 28, 2013
Viewers unfamiliar with the story, may have been turned off by the far fetched sci-fi from the trailer. However, after watching the movie - any skeptic will find that the storyline, character development, and special effects were all extremely well done. Great movie!
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Kid Movie

By derrickcunderwood
Written July 25, 2013
I enjoy a man movie as much as the next guy but ultimately it was hard to decipher what was going on during fight sequences. It was clear that it was monsters vs monsters but the camera was in too close throughout most of the fights. My 12yr old loved it though. If you have a young boy at home, they'll think it was awesome but it certainly not worth the price of admission...
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Great movie!

By carolynbenne
Written July 13, 2013
My only reason for going to see this movie was Charlie Hunnam. This will boost his career into super-stardom! I'm not a sci-fi person, but enjoyed all the action, and storyline. A little longer than expected. Go see it!
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Robot fighting? Great! Dialog? Not so much

By jftl6y
Written July 20, 2013
The only actor in this movie was Charlie Day, who was awesome, so if the robots weren't fighting and Charlie Day wasn't in the picture, it was pretty mediocre. If the robots were fighting it was great. If Charlie Day was part of the scene AND the robots were fighting it was epic.
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