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Thrilling! Satisfying!

By loganclixrocker
Written August 31, 2014
Some of us have been waiting our whole lives for a movie that captures the feel and amazement of classic japanese Kaiju and Mecha movies. The rest of you just don't know how to enjoy awesome.
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Excellent special effects

By swaymbsc
Written October 20, 2014
The only reason I'm giving this movie a "go" rating is b/c is was a good 3D IMAX experience. Besides entertaining special effects it really wasn't that great. Pretty much had B movie type casting. Overall i was entertained but probably won't see this movie again.
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Barely Worth The Price of Admission

By Troubadour49
Written December 22, 2014
This movie is a remake of Independence Day with Will Smith. That movie I watch whenever it comes on TV because I thoroughly enjoy it. Pacific Rim does not come up to the level of its predecessor. It's not as funny or as clever. The CG effects in Pacific Rim are better but everything else is lacking. The characters are all quite shallow and unbelievable to me. As a source of entertainment for those wishing to spend a couple of hours brain dead, this is the proper vehicle.
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PacRim Wins Big!

By tysdads
Written November 29, 2014
This is a movie I only went to see for my son who is 10, but I have to admit, this movie is one of the best Action SciFi movies I have EVER seen! So fantastic with amazing visual effects and honestly, some real good acting! Sooooo very impressed! I would actually pay to see it again!
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This movie will revive a Genera

By Martin0641
Written January 31, 2015
Such a beautiful film, it will tax the bandwidth of your optical nerves! It also finally gives a high quality rendition to the Mecha Anime people have been watching for years such as Gundam Wing and Genesis Evangelion, but to the next level - I think this will spawn a while new category of summer blockbusters and even TV series now that the public idea of what is possible has been expanded.
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