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Great action but disrespects physics (what else is new?)

Written May 27, 2016
Pros: • Combat special effects were mostly believable and impactful, not patronizing like the zoomed in crap from the Transformers where u couldnt see what the heck was going on • Scale was portrayed as epic most of the time • Fairly decent acting from B level and below actors Cons: (may have some spoilers) • Jaegers running like they were human.... ugh yea right, please check the physics on that • Less than a decade into the future, this tech, lol... cmon... maybe by 2100 we might have it • A jaeger uses an oil tanker like it were an admantium sword... I dont think so, cmon, it just looked dumb, why was that necessary • Main characters shoulda hooked up.... talk about a &$%@# tease Conclusion: Great overall action movie with some badly written scientific inconsistencies, if u even notice... most wont so whatever.
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Gigantic fun!

By ravenskald
Written July 01, 2016
Giant robots vs. giant monsters. Really that says it all. Yes, parts of the plot are very predictable. Yes, you can see things coming from miles away. Who cares? This movie is so much fun: the effects are cool and believable, the monsters are terrifying, loud, and violent, the heroes act cocky and testosterone-laden (yes, even the women).. and the comic relief bits are funny, scary, gross, and applause-worthy. Watching Pacific Rim in 3-d IMAX is like having an anime feature come to life all around you. Go see it.
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Barely Worth The Price of Admission

By Troubadour49
Written September 04, 2015
This movie is a remake of Independence Day with Will Smith. That movie I watch whenever it comes on TV because I thoroughly enjoy it. Pacific Rim does not come up to the level of its predecessor. It's not as funny or as clever. The CG effects in Pacific Rim are better but everything else is lacking. The characters are all quite shallow and unbelievable to me. As a source of entertainment for those wishing to spend a couple of hours brain dead, this is the proper vehicle.
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Incredible Visuals

By SouthernNYCgal
Written October 26, 2014
This movie was over simplistic, illogical, and cheesy as hell. I LOVED it. The visuals are incredible, and had me gasping. And the story made just enough sense to pull me into the world Del Toro had created. I loved the action scenes, and even some of the characters, despite the fact that they were largely one dimensional and underdeveloped. It's not a Oscar worthy film by any means, but it is fun as hell for anyone who's ever loved robots and monsters.
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Pacific Rim

By phfa7
Written January 29, 2015
Great action...taking the theme from dozens of monster movies out of the past and modernizing them with a new angle. Lots of action...definitely not a "chick" flick.
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