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Definitely better in 3D

By michhalko
Written November 23, 2014
I've seen this movie twice -- once on a standard screen, and again on an IMAX screen in 3D. On standard screen, it was fun enough for me to try it again, and the visuals seemed like they would lend themselves well to 3D. After seeing it in 3D, I don't recommend any other form for viewing this movie: I think it's the best 3D movie I've seen to date (visually better than Avatar). However, if you're looking for award-winning plot or characters, look elsewhere. This movie has great special effects, which are enhanced by 3D, but the plot is largely predictable, many of the lines corny, the foul language (there wasn't much) unnecessary, the characters stock, and the ending lame. I also found it disappointing that the movie dropped the ball with the heroine: I found no logical reason why Mako, as a woman, would make such a great Jager pilot. Without expanding her character, she was relegated to being a poster child for women's lib. The bottom line: fun movie!... not deep.
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Pacific Rim Movie Review

By arjanahluwalia
Written July 18, 2013
Pacific Rim was a great movie. It was great because it had lots of action and it was really exciting. The CGI was good it was a little to much but it was not bad at all some people don't like CGI a lot but it was ok. I would recommend this movie to any one because it was really good. They should make a second one if they can Go see it!
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Thrilling! Satisfying!

By loganclixrocker
Written August 31, 2014
Some of us have been waiting our whole lives for a movie that captures the feel and amazement of classic japanese Kaiju and Mecha movies. The rest of you just don't know how to enjoy awesome.
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A Barrage of Awesome

By slsdorisca
Written August 27, 2014
You like action? You like mecha? You like giant monsters? Go see this movie! Once it starts you won't be able to look away until the end.
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Excellent special effects

By swaymbsc
Written October 20, 2014
The only reason I'm giving this movie a "go" rating is b/c is was a good 3D IMAX experience. Besides entertaining special effects it really wasn't that great. Pretty much had B movie type casting. Overall i was entertained but probably won't see this movie again.
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