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Pacific Rim

By beverlyplazio
Written September 01, 2015
Reminded me of modern day Godzila! Was full of action, but the acting could have been better. The 3D effects could have been better as well. Not enough action flying into the viewer's face. Some of the action scenes were hard to focus on.
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By roddc
Written September 05, 2015
I am amazed at the ability of Guillermo del Toro to sustain continuous action for more than two hours! My 9-year-old grandson described the movies as "Full of fights and explosions the whole time! It was great!" And it was... My ears are still ringing! Excellent summer entertainment which pays homage to the Godzilla genre while being much more than just another monster movie. Go see it!
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Great Movie!

By Jordan_Battiste
Written February 10, 2016
I had a lot of fun!!! If you want to let the kid in you have a great time then this is the movie for you!
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Pacific Rim Movie Review

By arjanahluwalia
Written July 18, 2013
Pacific Rim was a great movie. It was great because it had lots of action and it was really exciting. The CGI was good it was a little to much but it was not bad at all some people don't like CGI a lot but it was ok. I would recommend this movie to any one because it was really good. They should make a second one if they can Go see it!
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Pacific Rim...a downright good time.

By nbrooks630
Written June 03, 2015
I have loved Kaiju films since I was a kid, and this did not disappoint. The Kaiju designs were very cool, resembling real animals but all monstered out. Although I've always been in it for the monsters I thought the Jaegers were very cool, I was surprised to find myself rooting for the Jaegers/Humans. Visually the movie was great, Guillermo DelToro knows how to direct a movie, and he clearly put a TON of love into Pacific Rim. The acting was on par with what you would expect from a summer blockbuster-monster-flick, not winning any awards but good enough to not ruin it. Charlie Day was perfect as the obsessed scientist, he was kinda whacky but it fit his character, Ron Perlman was great as usual. I thought it was also more story-driven then I was expecting. Everyone can enjoy this movie, if I was a kid this would be my #1 movie for years to come(as Independence Day was) and anyone that have an appreciation for monster-movies or just want to have a good time at the cinema should see it.
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