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Totaly made my day

By Quikemon
Written February 02, 2015
I was never expecting it to be that good... You really have to go and see it. Even if predictable, the execution is really well made. Really something to enjoy, soundtrack, action... and the universe they created really make sense.
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Definitely better in 3D

By michhalko
Written November 23, 2014
I've seen this movie twice -- once on a standard screen, and again on an IMAX screen in 3D. On standard screen, it was fun enough for me to try it again, and the visuals seemed like they would lend themselves well to 3D. After seeing it in 3D, I don't recommend any other form for viewing this movie: I think it's the best 3D movie I've seen to date (visually better than Avatar). However, if you're looking for award-winning plot or characters, look elsewhere. This movie has great special effects, which are enhanced by 3D, but the plot is largely predictable, many of the lines corny, the foul language (there wasn't much) unnecessary, the characters stock, and the ending lame. I also found it disappointing that the movie dropped the ball with the heroine: I found no logical reason why Mako, as a woman, would make such a great Jager pilot. Without expanding her character, she was relegated to being a poster child for women's lib. The bottom line: fun movie!... not deep.
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Gigantic fun!

By ravenskald
Written August 29, 2014
Giant robots vs. giant monsters. Really that says it all. Yes, parts of the plot are very predictable. Yes, you can see things coming from miles away. Who cares? This movie is so much fun: the effects are cool and believable, the monsters are terrifying, loud, and violent, the heroes act cocky and testosterone-laden (yes, even the women).. and the comic relief bits are funny, scary, gross, and applause-worthy. Watching Pacific Rim in 3-d IMAX is like having an anime feature come to life all around you. Go see it.
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Thankfully no surprises

By petercha92
Written January 28, 2015
From all the trailers for Pacific Rim released throughout the last year or so, I knew pretty much what this movie was going to be: an awesome slugfest between ungodly monsters and almighty robots, culminating in a battle that saw the triumph of the human spirit. Fortunately, the moviemakers understood that making this action movie was an ambitious project on its own without attempting to introduce fluff like deep, meaningful themes. There are no surprises in this movie, but after seeing countless action movies ruined in their pursuit of dark, gritty, or deep themes, I'm so glad del Toro did no such thing. It's good clean fun as I remember it, and things like romance (which usually end up looking just cheesy and awkward on the big screen) were very toned down. Even in its simplest, cleanest form, there were people around me wiping their eyes during the film, so there is heart still. If you were even slightly interested in the trailers, go watch it! You will not be disappointed.
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Everything that I wanted from a giant robot vs kaiju movie....

By The Smizmar
Written September 02, 2014
Giant robots, check, giant kaiju, check, tons of awesome battles MEGA CHECK!!!! Guillermo Del Toro has created the best Godzilla genre movie since the original black and white Godzilla. This movie is a visual feast and the story, while very surface level action-e, is still a solid introduction to what I hope will be a franchise with multiple sequels. The Pacific Rim universe is oozing with opportunities for expanded fiction. After seeing it in 3D on both a standard and a IMAX screen I can say that the upgrade to IMAX is totally worth it! Pacific Rim is a solid "Must Go!" from me!
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